About image upscaling enhancement

Image conceptualizing the upscaling of images using Google AI.

The Google Ads image upscaling enhancement increases the size of your campaign’s images, while maintaining image integrity, to meet minimum campaign requirements. Quality images used in the correct dimensions can help improve Ad Strength and ad performance, including clickthrough rate (CTR), conversion rate, and conversions. Learn more About Ad Strength

Note: Image upscaling enhancement is only available for Performance Max asset groups and responsive display ads. More ad types may be added later. Learn more about image requirements for Performance Max and responsive display ads.


  • Maintain image quality while increasing your image dimensions to meet the requirements.
  • Upscale your images without leaving the Google Ads platform.
  • Increase your Ad Strength score and ad reach with correctly-sized images.

How image upscaling enhancement works

Images must be scaled to the minimum size requirements to be used in a campaign (for example, a square image for a Performance Max campaign should be at least 300 x 300 pixels). If an uploaded image is too small, the Google Ads built-in image upscaling enhancement uses AI to resize and sharpen the image to meet the requirements. When the upload is complete, a notification will appear that your image was upscaled to ensure the ad looks good on all devices.

Note: The image upscaling feature doesn’t impact file size.

The upscaled image is saved in your Asset library to use later. Images previously uploaded to the Asset library before this feature’s availability aren’t eligible for upscaling at this time.

Uploaded images that meet the minimum dimensions for at least one of your campaigns aren’t upscaled and appear alongside your other selected assets, as expected.

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