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To get started with Google Fi, go to and sign up.

Here’s what you need to use Google Fi:

1. Supported Fi phone + Google Fi SIM

You can use a Fi phone that you’ve already purchased. You can also buy a Designed for Fi phone during signup. If you buy a phone through Google Fi, you can pay for the phone all at once or apply to pay in monthly installments.

Your Fi phone will arrive with a Google Fi SIM card. The SIM card allows the device to connect to the Fi Network. 

If you have a Pixel 2 and up, you don't need a SIM card.

2. Eligible location

You can activate Google Fi service in the U.S. in most zip codes. Check to see if you live in a zip code where we offer service

Once your service is activated, you can access our network as represented by our coverage map. To get a sense of how well you’ll be covered, we recommend checking the places you visit most, including your home, office, school, and stops along your commute.

Google Fi is only available to people who live in the U.S. and is not intended for extended international use.

Accounts that work with Google Fi

Most Google Accounts can be used with Google Fi, including:

  • Google Accounts with "" email addresses.
  • Some work or school accounts that use your own domain name (see below). 
  • Other Google Accounts, like "" or "" email addresses.

Google Accounts for work or school

If you have a work or school Google Account, also known as Google Workspace, your administrator has to turn on Google Fi service and Google Payments first. Otherwise, sign up with a new Google Account to use Google Fi.

4. Home address in the U.S.

You need a Google Account with a home address in the U.S. for payments. If it's your first time making a purchase with your Google Account, you’ll add your payment information during checkout.

5. You must be 18 or older

You must be 18 or older to sign up for Google Fi service. If you're 13 or older, you can join a Google Fi group plan with an owner that's 18 or older. You can also add a child to your Fi account.

6. Valid form of payment

You pay for Google Fi service through an automatic monthly payment. To check if your payment method is active, Google Fi may place a temporary authorization hold on your account.

Sign up FAQs

Does Google Fi offer a group plan?
Yes. You can add up to 5 people (for a total of 6 members) to your Google Fi group plan.
Is a credit check required?

No. You'll only need a credit check if you'd like to apply to pay for a Fi phone through monthly payments. Learn how to pay for your phone through monthly installments.

Can I pay for my Fi phone over time through monthly payments?

You can apply to pay for your Fi phone over time. This will likely require a credit check. Learn how to pay for your phone through monthly installments.

How do I transfer from my current phone service?

Check the status of your account with your current carrier. If you're under contract, check if there are any early termination fees. If so, you might be charged for leaving your contract early. If you have questions, contact your current carrier.

If you are transferring your number, don't cancel your current service until you've set up your Google Fi phone and your number transfer is finished. Learn more about Learn how to transfer your number.

Can I keep my existing phone number?

You can find out if your number can be transferred when you sign up for Google Fi. Learn how to transfer your number.

Does Google Fi offer device protection?

If you purchase a Fi phone from Google Fi, you can enroll in device protection at time of purchase or up to 30 days after it ships.

With device protection, you can quickly get a replacement in the event of accidental damage (including drops, cracks, and spills), or mechanical breakdown beyond the 1-year manufacturer's warranty period.

What types of payment plans does Fi offer?
Google Fi offers Flexible and Unlimited payment plans. Learn more about payment plans.
What is this $0.10 charge on my bank statement?
During sign-up, Google Fi may place an authorization hold in the amount of $0.10 to verify if your payment method is active and valid. 
These are authorization requests, and not charges. You don't pay for authorizations. Authorizations may stay in your account for up to 14 business days depending on your bank. If the authorization hold remains for more than 14 business days, contact your bank.
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