Learn about the Google Fi trial

If you’re eligible, alongside your current service you can try Google Fi free for 7 days. The trial automatically renews after 7 days, and you can cancel your Google Fi trial anytime. The trial includes:

  • Calls and texts within the US (territories not included).
  • Unlimited data in the US (speed slows after 10 GB).
  • Hotspot tethering.
  • Privacy and security features.

Find out whether you’re eligible

To be eligible for the Google Fi trial, among other criteria you must:

If you aren’t eligible, you can't participate in the trial but can still join Google Fi.

Tip: "pSIM" stands for "physical SIM." "eSIM" stands for "embedded SIM."

How the trial works

Complete the sign-up process with a valid form of payment on fi.google.com. Download the Fi app and follow the steps to activate. You get a new Fi phone number to try out on your phone. Your current phone number still works normally and during the trial you can use Fi to call, text, and browse.

Your trial ends at 11:59 PM PT on the 7th day after it started and automatically renews. You are charged $50/month per person and automatically move to the Simply Unlimited plan. The monthly charge is applied to your Fi bill. You can cancel anytime and opt out of the auto-renew.

You can upgrade early and select a different plan when you go to your Fi account and click Upgrade early.

Once you upgrade to a full Fi plan, you can bring over your current phone number, add family members, switch plans, and purchase devices.

Cancel your Fi trial

You can cancel any time and opt out of the automatic renewal. If you cancel early, you can still enjoy free service until the trial period ends.

  1. Log into your Fi account in the app or on fi.google.com.
  2. Under “Your subscription,” click Cancel subscription.
  3. Review the information on the cancellation confirmation page.
  4. Click Cancel subscription.
Remove an eSIM after the Fi trial ends
  1. Open your phone's Settings app.
  2. Tap Network & internet and then Mobile network.
  3. Select the eSIM you want to delete.
  4. Tap Delete SIM.

Learn what features are available during the trial

Location availability

During the trial, you can use data, calls, and texts in the US (territories not included).

Once you upgrade to a Fi plan, you can:

Group plans

Group plans aren't available during the trial. You must upgrade to a full Fi plan to start a group plan.


You can take advantage of Fi promotions once you upgrade to a full Fi plan.

Number transfers

If you want to transfer your existing number to Fi, you must upgrade to a full Fi plan after the trial. Then, you can transfer your number from another carrier to Fi.

If you want to transfer your new Fi number to a different carrier, you must upgrade to a full Fi plan after the trial. Then, you can cancel your Fi service and transfer your number to another carrier.

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