Transfer your Google Fi number to a new carrier

You can transfer your Google Fi number when you move to a new carrier.

Cancel your Google Fi service & transfer your number to a new carrier

Important: If you pause the Google Fi service while you transfer your number to another carrier, it may cause the port-out to be unsuccessful.

How to cancel your Google Fi service

  1. Open the Google Fi app Fi or website.
    • For iOS users, you can only cancel the service through the Fi website.
  2. In the “Account” tab, select Manage plan.
  3. Select Leave Google Fi.
  4. To confirm cancellation, follow the guided steps.
  5. Select Transfer your number to another carrier.
  6. Get your port-out number and PIN.


  • Until your number transfer completes, your Google Fi services continue.
  • If unused, your port-out parameters will expire after 14 days.
  • To complete the number transfer, you need to regenerate them.

How to transfer your Google Fi number to a new carrier

Important: Number transfer information is case-sensitive. Enter the name and service address as they show up on your Google Fi account.

  1. Give your new carrier your port-out number and PIN.
  2. If your new carrier asks for your name and address, use the name on your Google Account and your Google Fi service address.
  3. To transfer your number, your new carrier confirms your information with Google Fi.
  4. After your new carrier activates your number, your Google Fi service stops.
Tip: You can sign in to your account and find past Google Fi bills until your account officially closes.
Learn how to cancel your Google Fi service.
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