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About uploading conversions from a bulksheet

Here’s the general outline for using a bulksheet to upload conversions:

  1. Download a Conversions and Visits report, which contains data about existing conversions. (You'll use data from the existing conversions to create new conversions.)
  2. Edit the downloaded bulksheet to do any of the following:
    • Add a conversion that is attributed to a visit: This allows you to account for returns, fraud, and so forth. Note that, for conversions occurring on an engine account that is not tracked by DoubleClick Search clickservers, the account won't have any visits. Therefore, the conversion can't be visit-attributed.
    • Add a conversion that is attributed to an ad, keyword, or product group: This is great for call tracking or other forms of offline conversions.
    • Change information about an existing conversion: For example, you may want to change a conversion for discounts applied after an online purchase, returns with a restocking fee, or credits.
  3. Upload the bulksheet back into DS.
  4. If you're uploading conversions that occur offline, periodically upload an availability timestamp.
Note the following:
  • Offline conversions for social and auto track engines can only be uploaded from the DoubleClick Search Conversions API.
  • When you use a bulksheet to upload conversions, each upload should contain fewer than 100,000 rows. DS might not be able to process a conversions bulksheet with more than 100,000 rows.

  • Regarding uploading historical conversions:
    • Conversions attributed to keywords, ads, product groups, or visits are forced into the last-click attribution model no matter when they're uploaded, whereas those attributed to Google click IDs (GCLIDs) are forced into this attribution model after 60 days.
    • You can't upload conversions attributed to GCLIDs if either of the following is true:
      • The conversion timestamp is older than 90 days.
      • The GCLID is older than 90 days.
    • You can't edit conversions by referencing a GCLID older than 365 days. However, you can edit conversions dating as far back as 2 years by referencing the conversion and criterion IDs.
    • You can't upload conversions where the conversion timestamp is older than 2 years.
  • Instead of using bulksheets to manually upload conversion data, you can use the DS API to upload conversion data. Or if you use a supported call-tracking vendor, you can use their integration to automatically upload conversions. Learn more.

Uploading custom Floodlight variables from bulksheets not supported

You cannot specify custom Floodlight variables for conversions that you upload from a bulksheet. To upload custom data for offline conversions, use the DS conversion API.

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