How fresh is the reporting data in DS?

DoubleClick Search updates reporting data according to the following schedule:

  • Metrics from search engines, such as ImprClicks, and Cost:

    The expected data freshness depends on the engine:

    • AdWords: 20 minutes.
      For example, if you view the Keywords tab in an AdWords engine account at 6 PM, the Clicks column displays the number of clicks as of 5:40 PM or later.
    • Bing Ads: 35 minutes.
    • Yahoo! JAPAN: 100 minutes.
    • Baidu: 4 hours

    Keep in mind that while the DS reporting data will come close to the engine data, there may not be an exact match for several reasons.

  • Aggregated Floodlight data, such as VisitsActions, Trans, and Trans Conv % columns will typically be fresh within a matter of minutes (after you refresh your browser window or change pages).

    Note that Cost per transactions (Cost/trans column) requires data from Floodlight activities as well as data from search engines. While the number of transactions is typically updated every few minutes, the cost data comes from search engines, so the data freshness depends on the type of engine.

  • Data about an individual Floodlight conversion, such as timestamp, revenue, and visit referrer is available for download in a segmented Conversion and Visit report 12 hours after a Floodlight tag records a conversion. Reporting tables in DS don't display data about individual conversions.
  • Metrics from Google Analytics: If you've linked your advertiser to a Google Analytics web property, data collected by Google Analytics, such as pageviews, avg session duration, and goal completions, is available in DS reports within 24-72 hours (based on your time zone).
  • Metrics from IBM Digital Analytics: If you've linked your advertiser to IBM Digital Analytics, data collected by Digital Analytics, such as page views, conversions, and cart revenue, is available in DS reports within 1 to 2 hours.
If you select the Action view and then select Today for the report's time range, the conversion- and visit-related scorecards in the performance summary graph will be updated automatically.
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