Motion Chart

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If you're tracking several data points to see changes over time, you can create an interactive Motion Chart. Here's how:

  1. In several columns of a spreadsheet, add the data (including column headings) for your chart. You'll need to create columns for the main data point, the time period (Motion Chart supports day, month, quarter and year), and two additional numeric values. See the image below step 7 for an example.
  2. Highlight the cells where you entered data in step 1.
  3. Go to Insert > Gadget.
  4. In the Add a Gadget window, scroll to Motion Chart and click the Add to your spreadsheet button.

    Motion chart gadget

  5. The gadget menu appears in your spreadsheet. In the 'Range' field, enter the cell names where you added data in step 1.
  6. In the 'Title' field, create a title for your chart.
  7. Click Apply. The chart appears in your spreadsheet.

    Motion chart example

These are some of the Motion chart features available:

Zoom: Choose a data range (x and y) that will become the chart boundaries, then zoom in to focus on an area within the chart.

Bar charts: Switch between a bubble chart and a bar chart by clicking the icons at the top right of the chart window. You can organize the bars in alphabetical order or other order you select from the Order drop-down menu, below the chart.

Settings panel: Click the wrench icon to access this new panel. Use the slider to set the transparency of bubbles or bars that aren't currently selected. Click How to zoom to find instructions for zooming in and out.

Learn how to format your data.

Note: iIf you change any of the data relevant to this chart in your spreadsheet, the chart will update automatically. You don't need to repeat the steps above to edit the chart.

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Interested in creating a Gadget of your own? Check out the Google Gadgets API and the Google Visualization API. For help using these APIs check out the Google Visualization API forum and the Google Gadgets API forum.