Gauge charts

Use a gauge chart to show numeric values or measurements within a range. For example, use a gauge chart to measure progress toward a goal.

Learn how to add & edit a chart.

How to format your data

  • First column: Enter a label for the gauge.
  • Second column: Enter numeric values for each gauge.
  • Rows: Each row shows up in a separate gauge.


Annual sales
Sales in 2015 $35,000
Sales in 2016 $72,000
Sales in 2017 $52,000
Sales in 2018 $36,000
Gauge chart showing annual sales

Make a copy

Annual profit
2015 profit 25%
2016 profit 47%
2017 profit 58%
2018 profit 75%
Gauge chart showing annual profit

Make a copy

Customize a gauge chart

  1. On your computer, open a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  2. Double-click the chart you want to change.
  3. At the right, click Customize.
  4. Choose an option:
    • Chart style: Change background color, font, or maximize gauge size.
    • Gauge: Add and edit gauge ranges.
    • Chart & axis titles: Edit or format title text.

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