View your domain

To view the domains you manage, sign in to Google Domains with the Google Account you used to register the domain.

The “My domains” page lists each domain you own. To get details about a domain, select the domain name you want to manage.

Having trouble finding your domain? Learn how to find your registered domain.

Domain overview

The Domain overview page includes general information about your domain, like services from Google and its partners, privacy settings, and billing details.

Registration settings

The Registration settings page lets you review and change your privacy and security settings, and manage your registration.


The DNS (Domain Name System) settings page lets you view and change your DNS.


The Website page lets you manage traffic to your domain.


The Email page lets you can set up email services for your domain.

  • Sign up for G Suite by Google and get all that G Suite has to offer, like integration between Calendar, Gmail, and Drive to store and find your files.

  • Set up email forwarding to create descriptive email aliases that can forward messages to one email inbox.

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