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Change contact info in Google Domains

When you registered a domain, you provided contact info for that domain. We added this info to the WHOIS database as the official ownership details for the domain name. To ensure authenticity, ICANN requires us to keep this info current during the domain’s registration period. There are 3 types of contact info that you must provide and maintain:

  • Registrant: The owner of the domain
  • Admin: The person responsible for administrative decisions about your domain
  • Tech: The person responsible for technical changes to your domain 

Tip: Usually, a WHOIS lookup lets someone find some or all of this contact info. If you don't want this contact info to be public, turn on privacy protection.

Change contact info

  1. Sign in to Google Domains.
  2. Select the name of your domain.
  3. In the top left, click Menu Menu and then Registration settings.
  4. Under "Contact information," in the upper right corner, click Edit.
  5. After you edit, click Save.
  6. If you’re asked how you’d like to receive a verification code, select your preference.
    • Email: Check the email address in your contact info. To verify the change, follow the link in the email.
    • Text message or phone call: Check for a 6-digit code in a text or voice message. Enter the code in Google Domains and click Submit.

If you’re asked to verify, you must do it within 15 days or your domain is placed on hold. Website content or emails set up on your domain stop working until you complete the verification process.

If you update the registrant contact email address, keep in mind:

  • The previous registrant contact email owner must confirm your changes before they’re applied. This person receives an email notifying them of the proposed change with a link to confirm or deny it. If this email address is no longer accessible, contact us to complete your contact changes.
    Tip: When you contact us, you may have to verify your relationship with the domain name before we apply changes. We might request: 
    • Copies of an ID, like a driver’s license or passport 
    • Other proof of affiliation, like a utility bill
    We take these steps to help ensure that only authenticated people can change domain name info
  • The updated email address doesn't replace the email you use to manage your Google Domains account. Learn about the difference between the registrant contact email and manage email. To let the registrant contact email address access and manage the domain name, learn how to share domain name management.

Non-ASCII characters

You can use non-ASCII characters in your contact info. However, some domains don't support these characters in WHOIS results. In these cases, results substitute English alphabet (ASCII) approximations for any international characters that you include in public contact info.

You can't include non-ASCII characters in contact emails for domains that don't support international characters. If you're unsure if characters are supported, check the list of supported character sets for each domain ending.

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