Contact information

To update your personal contact information, do the following:

Note: To change contact information, you must verify the change using using the current email or phone contact information.
  1. Click My domains in the column on the left and click the domain name.
  2. Click the Settings tab Settings (gear icon).
  3. Scroll down to the Personal contact information section. There are three types of contact information, Registrant, Admin, and Tech.  
  4. Click Edit below each type of contact information to make changes
    Note: Some domains do not support international characters in your contact information, like Á, ج, or グ. See Using international characters
  5. After you edit and click Save, select how you want the verification code. 
    • Choose email if you still have access to the previous contact email.
      1. Check your email at the previous Registrant address.
      2. Follow the link in the email to verify the change.
    • Choose text message or phone call if you no longer have access to the email account.
      1. Google Domains will either send a text message or call your phone with with a computer-generated voice and give you a 6-digit verification code.
      2. Enter the code and click Accept and Continue.
    • If you do not have access to either the Registrant email or phone number, contact support.

Note: Only the e-mail address you are logged in to Google Domains with will have access to your Google Domains account. Entering another name or email address for the Registrant, Admin, or Tech, contacts does not give those addresses access to your Google Domains account


To change your public contact information, do the following:

  1. See private registration.
  2. The contact information that is publicly available is based on your private registration setting.

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Using international characters

You can enter international characters like Á, ج, or グ (also called "extended" or "non=ASCII" characters) in your contact information. However, some domains, such as .org, do not support displaying these characters in the WHOIS results. Therefore, if you include international characters in your contact information, and you keep your contact information public, your public whois information will include a English alphabet (ASCII) approximation of your information.

For example, "グ グーグル" would be replaced with "Google" in the public WHOIS results.

Note: This will not affect the WHOIS results returned if you select private registration (WHOIS privacy). See private registration

IMPORTANT: You cannot include international characters in your contact email for domains that do not support international characters. 


About contact information

To ensure definitive decisions can be made about domain name ownership, ICANN requires all domain registrants to submit their contact information when registering a domain.

There are three contacts for every domain. All three can use the same name and address address. Initially all three are populated with the contact information you enter in the Contact information screen when you register or transfer in your domain.

  • Registrant: The owner of the domain.
  • Admin: The person responsible for administrative decisions about your domain.
  • Tech: The person responsible for technical changes to your domain.

Registrant contact information (including name, mailing address, phone number, and email address) is publicly available through WHOIS lookups. If you do not want your contact information made public, please enable private registration.

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