Tree map

A Tree map is a visual representation of a data tree, organizing objects in a structure of parent-child hierarchies.

Data format

  • In the first column, enter the name of an object in your hierarchy.
  • In the second column, enter the name of the object's parent. Each parent name must also appear in the first column.
  • The third column is the numerical value of the object and controls the size of the box. This value must be positive. This column might be empty for entities with children entities, since the value for a parent entity is calculated by aggregating the values of the children.
  • The optional fourth column is a numerical value that controls the color of the box. The values in the fourth column aren’t aggregated and they can be negative.

Creating a tree map chart

Let's say you're trying compare the revenue and profit in different regions of a global widget company.

To create a tree map from your data set, select Insert > Chart. In the charts dialog, click the Charts tab, then click Map. Select the tree map option. Navigate to the Customize tab, where you can modify the color that appears on your map and select the number of levels of data that you want to display on your chart. Then, click Insert.

Learn how to customize your chart.

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