What's new: September 2019

Learn about new features and updates to Display & Video 360 from September 2019

Campaign and workflow updates

Authorized Seller (ads.txt) targeting available at the partner level

A new Authorized Seller (ads.txt) targeting option is now available at the partner level, helping to reduce the risk of buying counterfeit inventory and providing greater flexibility on whether to purchase direct-only or reseller inventory. Learn more

  • Changes to targeting: By default, Authorized Direct Sellers and Resellers are included in your targeting, and publishers who don’t use the ads.txt standard are excluded. New campaigns and associated insertion orders and line items will inherit this default.
  • Changes in Reporting As previously announced, the values returned by the Authorized Seller state dimension change have changed to align with the new targeting option.

Video ad sequencing now available for TrueView line items

Video ad sequencing is now available as a new type of TrueView line item. With video ad sequencing, you can tell your product or brand story by showing people a series of TrueView in-stream, bumper, or non-skippable ads in an order that you define. This full-funnel solution allows you to create a single narrative experience for your audiences. You can create linear sequences that transition to the next step based on an impression of an ad. Learn more

Deal floor prices now respected when targeted with automated bidding strategies

A new option to “Apply advertiser floor price for targeted deals” is now available for line items using automated bidding strategies. When this option is selected, Display & Video 360 takes deal floor prices into consideration for private auction and preferred deals. The deal floor price is treated as the minimum bid. With this new option you can consolidate deals into automated bidding line items as it helps to ensure that deals are delivered against when using this bidding strategy.

Setting draft insertion orders to active no longer activates associated draft line items

When you set a draft insertion order to active, either individually or in bulk, any draft line items under the insertion order will remain in draft. This action is now consistent across Display & Video 360.

Creative updates

Audio creative workflow is now in Ad Canvas

The workflow for building new audio creatives now uses Ad Canvas, giving you a more intuitive creative construction experience and real-time preview of companion creatives. Learn more

Audience updates

Improvements to the similar audience slider

To provide more control over how your audiences are expanded, we’ve made improvements to the similar audience slider. The slider is now available for more audience types and has more granular controls allowing you to balance expansion based on similarity and reach. Impression forecasts are also available, letting you see the impact of changes to your expansion. Learn more

Insights updates

Begin to Render Impression metrics available

Compare overall impressions with impressions that meet the MRC’s most recent standard of count-on-begin-to-render with new Begin to Render Impression metrics. Learn more

Display & Video 360’s measurement coverage of display impressions will ramp up over the second half of the year, so you should expect to see small volumes of begin to render display impressions initially.

Inventory updates

Improved deal creation workflow now available

An improved deal creation workflow is now available. You can create multiple inventory sources at the same time, designate the deal format, and assign deals to line items from the My Inventory page. You’ll also see expanded inventory source attributes with matching filters, including:

  • Commitment type: Guaranteed/Non-Guaranteed
  • Rate type: Auction/Fixed
  • Delivery method: Programmatic/Tag
  • Format: Display/Video/Audio

In addition, inventory source targeting now filters out deals that don’t match the format of the line item. Learn more

Organize your inventory with new inventory source groups

You can now organize your inventory sources into groups where you can easily manage and target multiple inventory sources at once. Measure the impact of these inventory source groups in reporting by selecting the Inventory source group dimension. Learn more

Inventory source updates

For the latest information on inventory sources in Display & Video 360 see Supported display exchanges, Supported native exchanges, and Supported audio & video exchanges.

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