Review alerts and suggestions in the Intelligence panel

Optimize the performance of your campaigns with automation

The Intelligence panel shows alerts and suggestions that help you optimize the performance of your campaign and troubleshoot any issues it may have. Examples include:

  • Low performance
  • Underpacing and lack of spend
  • Rejected creatives and policy violations
  • Settings conflicts

The Intelligence panel surfaces the most critical alerts and suggestions first.

Review suggestions

  • Navigate to an advertiser or campaign and then click Suggestions in the left menu.
  • You can filter suggestions by category and apply suggestions in bulk.

Use the Intelligence panel

Click on the Intelligence icon  to open or close the Intelligence panel. Then, the main actions you'll take in the Intelligence panel include:

Intelligence panel screenshot


When you click Investigate, you'll be given more information so you can Apply changes immediately, or see more Details.

You can also click the snooze icon  to not show an alert for the next 24 hours.


When you click Apply, changes will be made without further confirmation. On some screens, you can apply in bulk by checking the boxes next to multiple suggestions and then using the Apply action.


When you click Details, you'll navigate as close to the issue as possible. You may be able to click Apply for immediate changes, however you might also need to look for settings that need changing or take other actions on your own.

You can click the arrow icon  in some suggestion pages to open the details page for a given advertiser, campaign, insertion order, or line item.

Investigate more complex issues

If there isn't a suggestion to apply, or a details page to review, Intelligence may still provide additional information. This can help you investigate the problem on your own, or with support.

For example, you may need to:

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