Alerts in Display & Video 360

You can enable alerts for your Display & Video 360 advertiser that let you know about any items that require your attention. Users with access to that advertiser will see alerts next to items that have triggered them. You can hover over the alert to see more information. Here's an example of line items that have alerts:

A warning that there are no items in the feed associated with a line item.

Set alerts for your advertiser

  1. From your Display & Video 360 advertiser, navigate to Settings > Alert Configuration
  2. You'll see a list of available alerts with a description of each one. 
  3. Toggle the "On/Off" switch to turn an alert on or off. 
  4. For certain alerts you can also configure specific settings by clicking the Edit button.
  5. (Optional) Click the link in the Subscription Status column to be taken to your personal notification settings if you'd like to receive emails if an alert is triggered. Learn more  
  6. Save your alerts. 

Types of alerts

  • Pacing alerts

    • No spend: A line item or insertion order is active but hasn't spent anything yesterday or today.

    • Exceeded spend threshold: An advertiser's total daily spend exceeded an specified amount yesterday (12:00 AM to 11:59 PM in the advertiser’s time zone). To avoid false alarms, set a daily spend threshold that's at least 3 times your advertiser's expected daily spend.

    • Underpacing: An insertion order has missed its daily spend targets for the past 2 or more days and is projected to spend less than 90% of its budget by the end of its flight. This is based on performance data from the past 7 days to project the percentage of budget the insertion order will have spent by the end of its current budget segment.   

    • Limited audience size: A line item is targeting an audience with very limited reach, which may prevent your budget from being spent. You need to also use the underpacing alert in order for this alert to trigger. 

    • Deals offline: One or more targeted deals hasn't sent any inventory in the last 24 hours, which may prevent your budget from being spent. You need to also use the underpacing alert in order for this alert to trigger.  

  • Performance alerts

    • Significant performance change: The insertion order has a significant change in performance based on its performance goal. 

    • Underperforming: An insertion order is underperforming based on its performance goal. 

    • Restricted audience list: A line item is targeting one or more audience lists it's not able to use.

  • Creative alerts

    • Rejected creative: A line item uses one or more creatives that were rejected by at least one exchange.
    • Restricted creative: A line item uses one or more creatives that are restricted from serving with certain audience lists.
    • Creative rejected for Programmatic Guaranteed: A Programmatic Guaranteed deal uses one or more creatives that was rejected by the publisher.
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