Get assistance from the Intelligence panel

Use Display & Video 360's Intelligence panel to see recommendations to help improve the performance of your campaigns and troubleshoot any issues your campaigns may have.

The Intelligence panel helps you see the right information at the right time and prioritizes information so you won't miss any high-priority tips or alerts. Whenever the Intelligence panel has a suggestion, you'll see a card on the right side of the page.

Pro tip  Pro tip: Troubleshoot underpacing with the Intelligence panel

Is your insertion order underpacing but you don’t know why? Use the Intelligence panel to investigate the cause.
  1. Open up an insertion order.
  2. Find the Intelligence panel on the right side of the page.
  3. Click Potential causes.
  4. You can investigate various reasons for lack of spend.

Intelligence panel

Types of Intelligence cards

Depending on the circumstances, the Intelligence panel can display following types of cards.


Targeting recommendation cards make it easy for you to create new line items that target inventory that's likely to perform well for your campaign. When appropriate, you'll see recommendations for the following types of targeting: 

  • Apps & URLs
  • Audience lists (1st party, 3rd party, affinity, and in-market audiences)
  • Categories
  • Keywords 

How to accept a targeting recommendation

Follow these steps to accept a recommendation and create new line items that use the recommended targeting:

  1. Start from a campaign's list of insertion orders, then open the Intelligence panel on the right side of the screen. 
  2. If you see a recommendation, click Preview to see more information about the recommendation. 
  3. From the recommendation preview window you can pick where to add the new line item (either in an existing insertion order or in a new insertion order). Once you've decided where to add your line item, click Create this line item.

Where do targeting recommendations come from?

Targeting recommendations are generated based on the goal, KPI, landing page, and keywords in a campaign's settings.

Campaign health

  • Underpacing alerts
  • Underperforming alerts
  • Limited audience size alerts
  • Restricted audience lists alerts
  • Deals are offline alerts
  • Rejected creative alerts
  • Restricted creative alerts
  • No spend alerts

Optimization suggestions

The following suggestions are powered by the same technology used in the Optimization view.

  • Bid decrease suggestions
  • Bid multiplier suggestions for sites
  • Budget reallocation suggestions
  • Exclusion suggestions for sites
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