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Create TrueView for shopping line items

TrueView for shopping makes video ads interactive by connecting viewers directly to your products and providing information that brings customers closer to making a purchase.

These ads use your existing Google Merchant Center product data to generate shopping cards, and up to 6 shopping cards may appear on an ad at a time. Shopping cards are displayed in a companion banner alongside your ad that remains on the page after the ad completes. Product information is dynamically retrieved from Merchant Center, so the shopping cards are updated automatically with the latest information about your products.

TrueView for shopping is available for in-stream ads in countries where Merchant Center is available.

Link your Merchant Center account to Display & Video 360

Before you create a TrueView for shopping line item, you need to link your Display & Video 360 advertiser to the Merchant Center account that has products you want to include in ads.

To link accounts for TrueView for shopping:

  1. From your advertiser, expand Settings in the left menu and click Linked Accounts.

  2. You’ll see instructions that include a Google Ads account used by Display & Video 360 for Merchant Center.

  3. Send this ID to your Merchant Center account administrator and have them link it from Account Linking > Google Ads section of Merchant Center. Learn more

  4. Once your Merchant Center administrator has completed this step, contact your Display & Video 360 support representative to finalize the account linking.

You’ll see the linked Merchant Center account listed in your Display & Video 360 advertiser’s Linked accounts section after you complete the steps above.

Create a TrueView for shopping line item

Creating a TrueView for shopping line item has a few extra steps from a regular YouTube & partners line item so that you can select the products you want to include in shopping cards.

  1. Start in an existing insertion order or create a new one.

  2. In your insertion order, click the New line item button.

  3. Pick YouTube & partners video.

  4. Enter the following information for your line item:

    • Name for your line item.

    • Select Shopping as the line item type.

    • The Ad format will be set to in-stream or in-feed video ad.

  5. In the Merchant section, you’ll select the products you want to advertise:

    • Pick from one of the Merchant Center accounts linked to your Display & Video 360 advertiser.

    • Search by title, URL, or Merchant Center ID for the products you want to include with your ads.

    • Select up to 10 products that are eligible to serve per line item. You can view more information about the products in your search results by clicking on “Details.” You’ll see details for your items, which are versions of the product in each country where it’s available. An item will only appear in ads if its status is "ready to serve."

  6. Follow the standard steps for completing your line item settings, targeting, and creating YouTube ads.

More details about product status

You can view the Merchant Center status of a product by clicking on "Details" under the product name.

TrueView for shopping line items are able to serve if there’s at least one item that's "ready to serve" per country the line item targets.

If you see a yellow icon next to "Details" for a product, that product does not have a "ready to serve" status in Merchant Center. You'll need to work with your Merchant Center account admins to update any products that aren't in a "ready to serve" status. 

The Merchant Center statuses you'll see are:

  • Ready to serve: The item is approved and eligible to run on shopping cards on your ad.
  • Not approved: The item is disapproved in your Merchant Center account. You can check the status in Merchant Center to understand why the item is disapproved. Automated systems identify items that violate our policies and the Products Feed Specification. If you use the item in your line item anyway, we’ll request an additional manual review, which takes 1 to 3 business days. Note that an item can only be manually reviewed once.
  • Out of stock: The item is out of stock. You provide an item’s availability using the “availability” attribute in your product data. If the availability is set to “out of stock” for a country, the item won't serve in that country. You can still select it for your line item, and it will start appearing when it becomes available again - so there’s no need to adjust your line item as products go in and out of stock.

After you save, it can take up to 48 hours for your TrueView for shopping line item to begin to serve.

Reporting for TrueView for shopping line items

The reporting options for TrueView for shopping line items are the same as a regular YouTube & partners line item. All of the interaction metrics, such as Clicks and Engagements, include aggregate interactions with shopping cards.

Product-level reporting is not available.

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