Once you've run both prospecting and behavioral line items, the next type of line item to create is a remarketing line item. Remarketing is a tactic that's useful for keeping individuals in your business' "loyalty loop" or for reaching new customers who are further along in the sales funnel. As a tactic, remarketing is generally used for "direct response" campaigns, where your goal is to bring visitors to your website to convert or to stay engaged with your brand.

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If you run remarketing campaigns across multiple ad servers, you may inadvertently cause artificially inflated CPMs, since you may be bidding against yourself. For this reason, try to consolidate your remarketing efforts whenever possible.

Suggested settings for remarketing line items

  • Bid prices

    Because remarketing line items are designed to engage people who have demonstrated an interest in your brand, make sure your remarketing line items have high bids to ensure that you win these valuable impressions. (Expect to bid $10 CPM or more, depending on your budget and how scarce suitable visitors are.) Remember, it’s always easier to scale back your spending than it is to win more impressions within a specific audience.

  • Frequency caps

    Set an unlimited or very high frequency cap, such as ten impressions per hour.

Checklist: Before you launch a remarketing line item

  1. Set audience recency windows for the audiences your remarketing line item targets.

    For example, say you want to deliver an incentive message to customers who have been to your shopping cart page within the past five hours, but didn't convert and check out. Bid higher on individuals in this five-hour recency window, and increase your line items' frequency cap to ensure these high-value customers return to your site to complete their purchases.

  2. Deploy your first-party audience segment pixels on your advertiser's webpages at least 2 weeks prior to launching your remarketing line times, so you can build an audience list of visitors who have shown interest in your business by visiting parts of your website. 

  3. Confirm that your line item complies with advertising policies, including Personalized advertising and Sensitive events polices.

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