What's new: July 2023

Campaign and workflow updates

YouTube in-stream ad format now called skippable ads

To more accurately describe the ad format, the YouTube ad format "in-stream ads" is now named "skippable ads"  throughout Display & Video 360.

There are no campaign creation or management workflow changes as a result of this naming update, but we recommend making sure your teams are aware of the new names. Offline reporting and Structured Data File entities will still reference in-stream ads. 

Learn more about video ad formats in YouTube & partners line items.

Outcome based buying is no longer supported

Display & Video 360 is evolving how you optimize your campaign’s performance to use advancements in AI, customization, and transparency. Outcome based buying is no longer supported as of July 1, 2023 and line items using outcome based buying can no longer serve.

You can use the following to optimize your campaign’s performance using automation: 

  • Automated bid strategies: You can use automated bidding strategies to optimize your bids based on the likelihood an impression will lead to a desired outcome or each an optimal price. 
    • Line items using outcome based buying to pay-per-view (PPV) can use bidding strategies that maximize viewable impressions or conversions.
    • Line items using outcome based buying to pay-per-click (PPC) can use bidding strategies that maximize clicks or conversions.
    • You can further optimize your line items by using automated bid strategies that target viewable CPM or target CPA. 
  • Custom bidding: You can improve the cost efficiency of your bids by using custom bidding to define how much an impression is worth to allocate more value to impressions that align closer to your campaign’s goals.
  • Enhanced automation pool: You can leverage a collective set of historical automation data to help improve how your algorithm makes decisions.
  • Optimized targeting: You can reach more potential customers by finding new and relevant audiences beyond your manually-selected audience segments.

Tag guaranteed deals are no longer available

Tag guaranteed inventory are no longer available in Display & Video 360. Campaigns targeting tag guaranteed inventory will no longer spend. 

If your campaign paused because it’s targeting tag guaranteed inventory, make sure to update your inventory source:

  1. Go to Campaigns and then Line items to select a line item.
  2. Select Line item details
  3. Under Targeting, in the Inventory sources section, remove the tag guaranteed inventory.
  4. Select another inventory type. For example, programmatic deal. You can also contact the publisher directly to discuss inventory options.

Once you’ve updated the inventory source you’re targeting, your campaign should start spending again.

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