Opt in to the enhanced automation pool

Advertisers can benefit from a pool of historical Display & Video 360 automation data by opting-in to Display & Video 360's enhanced automation pool. 

Once you've opted-in to the enhanced automation pool, your advertisers will anonymously share their historical automation data with the pool, and, in return, your advertisers will benefit by leveraging the large amount of historical automation data in the pool which has been shared by other participating advertisers.

Shared data pool


Turn on data sharing

  1. Start in the Partner tab, then click Edit partner next to your partner's name.
  2. Once you've opened your partner, navigate to the Basic Details page.
  3. Scroll down the basic details page until you see Enhanced Automation Pool Configuration, and then check the checkbox underneath Enhanced Automation Pool Configuration to turn on data sharing for your advertisers.
  4. Once you've checked the enhanced automation pool checkbox, you may toggle which advertisers you want to participate in the data pool.

Things to consider

  • If you participate in the enhanced automation pool, your advertisers' conversion and impression data will continue to remain private. Any data shared will only be used "under the hood" for training Display & Video 360 automated bidding algorithm for advertisers participating in the enhanced automation pool.

  • Only the advertisers you specify will be opted-in to the enhanced automation pool.

  • Once your partner has started to participate in the enhanced automation pool, you can contact your account manager to opt-out individual advertisers from participating in the data sharing pool at any time.

    Note: Once you've opted-out an advertiser, any data collected for the advertiser in the future won't be used in the enhanced automation pool. Data collected before opting-out will remain in the shared pool indefinitely.
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