DFP sales management permissions

Learn about permissions specific to DFP sales management

DFP admin content This article is for administrators or roles with similar permissions

This article provides details about permissions specific to DFP sales management. It doesn't cover all permissions listed for sales management but only those that require more details to understand their uses. By default, the DFP administrators role is granted all permissions.

DFP sales management permissions can be viewed when creating a new role or viewing an existing role. They are located under the "Manage sales" heading on the "Roles" page when you navigate to the "Admin" tab.

Can bypass errors in workflow validations

Grants users the ability to bypass all errors during proposal validation. Normally, sales representatives must correct validation errors before submitting a proposal. User with this permission, however, can elect to ignore these errors and submit anyway. This permission circumvents the normal business rules (errors during proposal validation) in your organization. Grant only to trusted users who are allowed to circumvents normal business process.

Can approve any rule requesting approval or complete all steps in a workflow to expedite proposals

Grants users the ability to approve any rule requesting approval or complete all steps. Any user with this permission has access to the "Sales" tab and can view and approve any proposal in DFP, even proposals outside of the user's normally assigned teams. You might grant this proposal to users who need global access to view and approve proposals.

Can bypass workflow for sold proposals

Necessitates that users bypass all step of a workflow for proposal previously sold, retracted, and resubmitted. Users with this permission do not have the option to commit sold proposals to workflow. Proposals retracted, modified, and submitted again by users with this permission necessarily bypass workflow and are directly finalized again.

Proposals must first have passed through all the steps of a workflow once and be considered "sold" before this permission applies. Unsold proposals submitted by users with this permissions must still go through every steps of its workflow.

You might want to apply this permission to trusted users who need to quickly modify line items that originated as proposal line items under the "Sales" tab. However, you should use this permission with caution as it circumvents the normal business rules enforced by steps in a workflow.

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