Configure inventory types

Serve display, mobile app, or in-stream video ads

Administrator user role required   Requires the "Administrator" role or roles with similar permissions to configure network settings.

Inventory type identifies the kind of inventory or medium in which an ad serves. Specifying inventory type is necessary when creating Programmatic Direct proposals (Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals) as well as Private Auctions.

Inventory types include:

  • Display
  • Mobile app
  • In-stream video and audio
  • Mobile in-app out-stream

Before sales representatives can start proposals, you need to set up these inventory types under Admin and then Global settings in Ad Manager. Once set up, sales representatives can specify the inventory type when negotiating proposals with buyers.

Learn about how to add inventory types in Link AdSense or Ad Exchange to Ad Manager. Note that this article refers to "web property" which is synonymous with "environment" and "inventory type" in this case.

Each inventory type can be linked to a different Ad Exchange account or to the same account. However, a single inventory type cannot be linked to multiple Ad Exchange accounts. 

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