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Guaranteed versus non-guaranteed programmatic campaigns

Programmatic Direct allows you negotiate reserved (guaranteed) and Preferred Deal (non-guaranteed) campaigns

Programmatic Direct allows you negotiate both Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deal(non-guaranteed) campaigns in Ad Manager.

  • Programmatic Guaranteed: You and the buyer negotiate a price and terms for inventory that is reserved (guaranteed) for that buyer. Inventory is designated for only that buyer at that price.
  • Preferred Deal: You and the buyer negotiate a price and terms for inventory that buyer can optionally bid upon. The buyer has an initial or "preferred" opportunity to secure the inventory at the negotiated price. However, if the buyer opts out of securing the inventory, the inventory becomes available on the open auction.

    The transaction or campaign is considered "non-guaranteed" because buyers are not obligated to secure the inventory (buyers can opt not to bid) and because the inventory is not explicitly reserve for buyers (you can reserve it in a guaranteed campaign for another buyer). Learn more.

Proposals can contain Programmatic Guaranteed proposal line items (Standard or Sponsorship) or Preferred Deal (non-guaranteed) proposal line items but not both.

Line item type determines rate type and the kind of campaign you want to negotiate. Quantity entered varies depending on campaign type you're negotiating.

Line item and rate type Campaign type Quantity entered
Standard CPM Guaranteed

Contracted quantity

The scheduled quantity of impressions reserved for the buyer under the dates and terms of a specific campaign

Sponsorship CPD Guaranteed

Billing threshold per day

Minimum impressions that must serve each day in order for you to earn revenue for a line item on any given day of delivery. If the campaign fails to deliver this minimum for a given day, the advertiser is not billed and you will not be compensated for delivery for that day.

Preferred Deal CPM Non-guaranteed

Estimated quantity

Impression value that reflects the estimated delivery for the lifetime of a programmatic non-guaranteed line item. This value does not affect ad serving and can be used to monitor and troubleshoot delivery for preferred deals.

Preferred Deals in Ad Manager differ from those in Ad Exchange. Learn more

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