Create an Ad Exchange publisher profile

Ad Exchange buyers discover opportunities for Preferred Deals and Private Auctions via the Marketplace, which provides a shopping-like experience for striking deals. Publisher profiles help buyers and advertisers quickly and easily find information.

As a publisher, you can increase your visibility to advertisers and buyers looking to run ads on your sites using a publisher profile. This allows you to highlight your value, and drive awareness and interest with buyers.

You can create more than one profile in your account, and manage them in a way that makes sense for your business, such as by sites or categories. If you are a larger publisher, for instance, you may want to have site-specific profiles.

Network Partner Management publishers cannot create multiple publisher profiles.

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To get started creating your first profile, or to create an additional profile:

  1. Sign in to DoubleClick for Publishers.
  2. Click Inventory and then Publisher profiles.
  3. If you are creating your first profile, you are automatically taken to the creation screen. The first profile you create is your "parent" profile.* If you are creating an additional profile, click Add a new profile.
  4. Begin entering your information, monitoring your progress in the four-step progress bar at the top of the screen.

Default publisher profile
While you can associate the parent profile with any offer, it acts as the default profile when no other profile is associated with a particular offer. The parent profile appears in the upper-left corner of your saved profiles and displays the PARENT label. This profile can be edited but not deleted.


Describe yourself

This section should include information on who you are as a publisher, what type of business you’re in, what’s unique about your business, and what buyers and advertisers achieve by partnering with you.

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Publisher information


For most publishers, the domains available to be displayed in this section are those you've listed in the URLs section of the "Inventory" tab. Learn how to add and edit a URL.

For publishers using the Network Partner Management (NPM) feature, you can select the domains you would like displayed from the list of domains that are classified to serve ads. Classified domains can be found in the "Network partners" section of the "Admin" tab. You must declare domains before use. Domains classified as "Represented" or "Blocked" are not available to display in your profile.

Your parent profile displays all of your domains, by default. If you are creating or editing your parent profile, this section reads "All domains" and is not editable. Non-parent publisher profiles can display one or more specific domains. You can click the field to reveal a list of your URLs to choose specific domains to display.

Because of their nature, semi-transparent domains are not available for publisher profiles. You can use your parent profile to present unified stats about all of your domains.

Name visible to buyers

Enter the name of your business. This appears at the top of your profile, near your logo.

Sample content page URL

Enter a single URL where buyers and advertisers can see the type of content that you offer. This can be one of your top domains, or any subpage.


Upload your logo either by dragging an image into the designated location, or by selecting them from your computer. Images file types can be either PNG, GIF, or JPG/JPEG.

Your logo will represent your brand in the marketplace -- make sure it's strong and vibrant. We recommend a 160x160 pixel image that also looks great as a 50x50 pixel thumbnail. You do not need to include your full brand name in your logo, as the "Name visible to buyers" always appears next to your image.

Message to buyers

Describe who you are

Use this section to describe your business. You can include a high-level overview, types of content that you offer, notable statistics, etc.

Describe why buyers should do business with you

Use this section to describe what’s unique about your business, and what buyers and advertisers achieve by partnering with you.


Enter three headlines. These can be information describing what's unique about your inventory, including key metrics and rankings. For example: Rated a Top-10 News Site, or #1 Mobile News Site for 20 Straight Months.

Contact information

Contact for direct deals

Enter the contact information for your direct deals. You can include information like names, phone numbers and email addresses.

Contact for programmatic deals

Enter the contact information for your programmatic deals. You can include information like names, phone numbers and email addresses.

Marketing and sales materials

Enter the URL to find additional marketing and sales information.

Rate card information

Enter the URL to find additional rate card information.

(Optional) Google+ page

Enter the Google+ URL associated with your business. This field is optional, but recommended.

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Preview and submit

This section allows you to preview your completed publisher profile and either save and publish, or save only.

Access your profiles

After creating your parent and any subsequent profiles, you can access them in list view at any time by selecting Publisher profiles from the settings menu in your Ad Exchange account. When viewing your profiles in list view, you have the option to edit or delete. Parent profiles can be edited but not be deleted.

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