Proposal status and stage

Every proposal has a status the reflects where it is in its lifecycle. A newly created proposal, for instance, has a "Draft" status. When it's been submitted to workflow, it's status changes to "Awaiting workflow".

Similarly, a sold label is attached to the proposal and appears next to its status when it completes workflow successfully for the first time. Proposals are marked as "sold" throughout its lifetime, even if it's retracted for more changes.

The distinction between the sold and unsold stages is important because proposals can fall under a different set of rules if retracted for changes. Your network determines how these rules work. Ask your DFP administrator if you're not sure about how rules apply.

Good to know about submitted proposals

Some fields or settings are no longer editable after a proposal is sold and retract for additional changes. See Non-editable fields and settings in sold proposals for more details.

Listed below are statuses and sold stages with descriptions. Standard DFP filters exists throughout tables in sales management that allow you to filter by these values.


Status Description
Draft The initial status of a newly created proposal. A proposal with this status has not yet been submitted or has been submitted but was retracted before it completed workflow successfully .
Awaiting workflow Submitted and waiting to pass through the steps of a workflow.
Rejected A rule requesting approval existed in a workflow, and one of the approvers rejected the proposal. Retract these proposals to make changes in accordance with the reason it was rejected.

Rejected proposals can hold inventory

Rules that reserve inventory can exist in a workflow. If proposal line items in a proposal reserve inventory while in workflow, but are nonetheless rejected down the line, they can continue to hold inventory.

Best practice suggests your  release inventory if you don't plan to resubmit the proposal or if there is likely to be a long duration before you resubmit the proposal.

Finalized Proposal successfully passed through all the steps of a workflow. This proposal is considered sold and is considered sold throughout its lifetime, regardless of subsequent actions taken on the proposal.
DFP created a corresponding order and line items and has reserved inventory.


Stage Description

The "Sold" label is attached proposals after completes workflow successfully for the first time. Appears next to every status except "Finalized".

Unsold There is no "Unsold" label. However, when there is no "Sold" label next to a status, it indicates that the proposal has never passed through workflow successfully.

Programmatic statuses

As a publisher with programmatic for sales management, there are additional statuses that allow you to see the negotiation phase of a proposal. As with other statuses, the "Sold" label can be attached to negotiation statuses if the proposal passed through workflow and was accepted by the buyer but then later reopened for renegotiation. 

You can learn more about paused programmatic proposals, which differs from pausing other kinds of DFP campaigns, as well as more about terminated negotiations.

Status Description
Awaiting buyer Proposal has been retracted for further change after you request acceptance from the buyer but before the  buyer has had a chance to accept the proposal. Status lets you know that buyer has a version that could be different from the one you're working with. 
Awaiting seller The buyer has made changes to a proposal and sent it back for your review.
Request acceptance needed Proposal has passed through workflow successfully and you now need to make a formal offer to the buyer. The proposal has not yet been finalized and will not deliver until you explicitly request acceptance.
Buyer acceptance requested

A formal offer has been extended to the buyer. Once the buyer accepts, the proposal is sold and inventory reserved for corresponding line items. The proposal is considered finalized but can be reopened for renegotiation.

Paused by seller Your network has paused delivery of all corresponding line items in a programmatic proposal.
Paused by buyer The buyer has paused delivery of all corresponding line items in a programmatic proposal.
Terminated You or the buyer terminated negotiation on a proposal.
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