Business intelligence reports

See revenue of DFP and Ad Exchange buyers

If you work with one or more verified buyers, and they buy your inventory on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange, you can create a report that displays the buyer as an entity. This means you'll be able to pull a single report showing the revenue and impressions earned from the buyer on both DFP and the Ad Exchange, as well as the aggregate revenue.

Verified buyers are entered into the "Companies" section of Admin. Learn to add a verified buyer to your list of companies.

Some of the questions this report can answer:

  • On which sales channel am I making the most overall revenue?
  • On which sales channel does this piece of inventory perform better?
  • How much revenue do I make from my buyers on each sales channel?
  • What portion of my indirect sales comes from the Ad Exchange vs third-party ad networks?
  • How do my direct sales compare to my indirect sales?
  • Which buyer acquires the majority of my inventory?
  • How do my direct and indirect sales overlap?

Create a query that displays a buyer as an entity

If your network uses teams to limit user access to inventory, you'll need to belong to the "All entities" team to display a buyer as an entity with this query. Learn more about teams

  1. Sign in to DoubleClick for Publishers.
  2. Click Reports and then Queries.
  3. Click New query.
  4. For "Report type", click Show more and then Business intelligence.
  5. (optional) In the Date range field, select a date range within the last 30 days.
  6. In the "Dimensions" section, click Delivery and then Buyer.   Not available in DFP Small Business.
  7. Select the available metrics in the Ad Server and Ad Exchange metrics lists.
  8. Click Run.
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