Add creatives to line items

Once you've added creatives to your network, you can add them to line items. You can also create a creative from within a line item if that's more convenient.

Video line items use creative sets, rather than single creatives. Learn how to add a creative set to a video line item.

Add existing creatives to line items

You can add an existing creative to one line item at a time or to multiple line items at once.

When you add an existing creative to multiple line items, you're creating new associations between the creative and each of those line items. The associations share the same settings and are automatically updated whenever the original creative is updated, but you can change their start and end dates and click-through URL independently.

You can only use creatives from the same advertiser.

Why reuse creatives?

Reusing creatives enables you to upload a creative once and assign it to multiple line items instead of repeatedly uploading the same creative assets for different line items. Additionally, you can reduce mistakes made from uploading and assigning creatives from separate emails, and quickly facilitate change orders when an advertiser wants to replace or remove the content of a line item.

For example, one of your advertisers wants to remove an image creative that contains a spelling error. The creative is rotating in five different line items on your website. You can go to the Creatives page and deactivate the creative so that it will stop serving in all five line items, rather than deactivating five separate creatives. You can then upload a new image file that contains the correct spelling, and reactivate the creative for serving.

Add an existing creative to multiple line items in an order

If you have multiple line items within an order that share the same creative size or creative sets, you can add creatives or creative sets to them in bulk.

To add a creative to more than one line item in an order:

  1. On the Line items tab for the order, enable the checkboxes for the line items you want to choose.

  2. Click Add existing creative and choose a size or set.

  3. Click on Orders, Creative types, or Creatives to find the existing creatives that you want to add.

  4. For each creative that you want to add, click include.

  5. Click Save.

If you remove the size filter and add creatives with sizes different from those set for the line items, DFP will set size overrides in the line items, allowing the line items to deliver the differently sized creatives.

Add an existing creative to a new line item

To add a creative to a new line item:

  1. When creating a line item, click Add creatives.

  2. Select Use an existing creative.

  3. Browse or search for the creative you want to reuse.

    The results are automatically filtered to display only creatives that are the same size as the line item. If you don't get any results, then you might not have any creatives that have the same size as the line item.

  4. Click add next to the creative you want to associate with the line item.

    The creative will appear in the "Selected items" list.

  5. Click Save.

    The new association is added to the line item's list of creatives.


After you assign the creative to the line item, you'll be able to:

  • See cumulative delivery statistics for the line item with that creative.

  • Review all of the line items assigned to the creative.

  • Override the fields associated with each line item.


Add a new creative to a line item

You can also add a new creative while you're creating or editing a line item.

To add a new creative to a line item:

  1. Sign in to DoubleClick for Publishers.

  2. Click Delivery and then Orders.

  3. Click the order where you'd like to add the creative. (You cannot add creatives to canceled or completed orders.)

  4. Click the line item where you'd like to add the creative. You can also create a new line item if needed.

  5. Click Add creatives.

    All creatives and ad unit dimensions associated with your line item will be listed on the top of the left-hand column. You can upload creatives to any ad unit size in this list.

    The inventory sizes, labels, and targeting for creatives you're uploading must match those of the line item. Additionally, you must check "AMP-only" if uploading AMPHTML creatives with no standard HTML equivalent.

From this point, follow the steps for the type of creative you want to add. You can also bulk upload creatives of certain types. Learn more about adding creatives.

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