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Create a DFP Query Tool report

Create a query

DoubleClick: Create a Query

  1. Sign in to DoubleClick for Publishers.
  2. Click Reports and then Queries and then New query.
  3. Enter a meaningful query name. 
  4. Decide on which report type you need.
  5.  (Applies to some report types) Select the appropriate time zone. 
    If you’ve chosen the Ad Exchange historical report type, decide whether or not to use the default DFP network time zone for your report output. If deselected, Pacific Standard Time (PST) is used.
  6. Choose a date range from a preset list of options.
    • Select whether you want a Dynamic or Fixed date range type. A "day" in a given report is defined as midnight to midnight in the query's selected timezone. The actual dates used are available in the output of the report.​
      A broad date range selection, such as the dynamic date range of Last 3 years, may unfavorably impact your report performance. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you choose a specific date range whenever possible.
      But, if you do select "Last 3 years," the current day's data is not included in the report. For example, if you run your query on 8/31 and select to report on all available data, the report excludes data for 8/31.
  7. (Optional) To refine your report data and include only items you specify, click Add new filter. Learn about how to filter your data.
  8. Select dimensions and metrics based on your report type.
  9. Schedule a query and assign permissions
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