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Reporting for DFP Mobile In-app

The DFP Query Tool and DFP API Reporting services give you access to detailed reporting on mobile-specific metrics. Depending on your inventory structure, you can pull reporting data for mobile apps in the DFP Query Tool using ad units or on your pre-defined key-values. This article describes some of the mobile in-app specific filtering options, dimensions, and metrics.

Mobile In-app: filtering options

  • Ad Unit target platform = Mobile (includes mobile web and mobile app)
  • Line item target platform = Mobile (includes mobile web and mobile app)
  • Device category = Desktop, Smartphone (includes mobile web and mobile app), Tablet, Feature phone.
A limited set of dimensions and metrics are supported with Device Category. If dimensions and metrics are not compatible with Device Category, they appear greyed out in the user interface and cannot be selected.

Learn more about filters in the Query Tool.

Mobile In-app: dimensions

In addition to the general dimensions in Query Tool, the following are specifically useful for mobile reporting.

  • Device category (Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet, Feature phone)
  • Targeting (useful for mobile carrier and mobile device information used in line item targeting)

Learn more about Query Tool dimensions.

Mobile In-app: metrics

This is a legacy version of the Mediation feature. We recommend that you use the newer version of Mediation for mobile apps instead.

The following metrics are useful if you use the SDK Mediation creative:

  • SDK Mediation creative impressions
  • SDK Mediation creative clicks
  • You can compare mediation metrics to competing demand (e.g., DoubleClick Ad Exchange), which you will find under “Ad Exchange”.
  • Please manually adjust the rate of your mediation network on the line item to increase yield by allowing for a fair competition between all your demand sources including Ad Exchange.

Learn more about Query Tool metrics.

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