Casting a tab

Why watch you favorite entertainment or browse the internet on your desktop when you can enjoy it on big screen? By casting a Chrome browser tab, you can mirror what's displaying on your computer screen onto the TV. To get started, please be sure you're fully set up to use Chromecast with Chrome.

To start casting a tab from your Chrome browser
  1. Open the tab you want to project to your TV.
  2. In the top right corner of your Chrome browser, click the Cast icon Inactive cast extension .
  3. Choose the Chromecast device you want to cast the tab
  4. When active, the Cast icon will turn blue Inactive cast extension.
  5. Enjoy your entertainment!
How will I know it’s casting?

The Cast icon will turn blue Inactive cast extension when it’s active. You'll also see a glow around the icon of the tab being cast.

What can I cast?
You can cast the majority of web content. Sites using plug-ins like Silverlight, Quicktime & VLC aren’t supported and may result in a lack of picture or sound.
Audio and video
You’ll see video and images for the selected tab on your computer and TV. However, you’ll only hear sound from the selected tab on your TV. Note: Sounds for other tabs and applications will continue to play on your computer.
What if my Chromecast is currently in use?
After opening the menu or selecting the device, you’ll see a short description of Chromecast’s current activity. Click the Cast this Tab button to stop what’s showing and cast the current tab instead.
Any shortcuts?
  • Switch to other tabs and/or applications while casting using the Alt-Tab (Mac: Command-Tab) keyboard shortcut.
  • Click on the status area of the current casting to return to the original tab.
  • Mute what’s casting to your TV by clicking the mute button. Note: This is distinct from your TV's mute function. You need to unmute from Chrome to hear sound on your TV.
  • Click the Stop button or close the tab to stop casting.

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