Reseller administrator privileges

As a super administrator, you can delegate reseller management tasks to your users in your organization. 

  • Assign the Reseller Admin role to grant a user access to all parts of the Channel Services console.
  • Create custom administrator roles to limit a user's access to specific Channel Services console features such as Customers or Billing.

Note: You must sign in to the Channel Services console at least once to enable access for your delegated administrators. 

Assign roles now Create a custom role

Privilege Abilities
Manage Reseller Tools The Manage Reseller Tools privilege is the top-level privilege which provides access to all pages and functions in the Channel Services console. 


The Customers privilege includes all customer privileges below: Add, View, Edit, Transfer, Access to Customer's Admin console and Admin SDK

All of the customers s allow users to view the Customer list page and Customer details page in the Reseller console.

Add Customers

  • Create new customers
  • Place orders
  • Transfer a customer to your account (with transfer token)
  • Add subscriptions to existing customers
  • View the Customers list and details for each customer

View Customers

  • View the Customers list and details for each customer

Edit Customers

  • Update customer information
  • Modify customer's subscriptions
  • Assign or unassign licenses
  • View the Customers list and details for each customer

Transfer Customers

  • Transfer the customer to Google management (end Reseller relationship)
  • View the Customers list and details for each customer

Access Customers' Admin console and SDK

  • Access the customer’s Admin console and Admin APIs
  • Assign and unassign licenses
  • View and install G Suite Marketplace apps
  • View the Customers list and details for each customer

View and edit the Support page.


Users with this privilege can view the Billing page as well as:

  • View transaction history
  • Export transactions
  • Edit invoice name
  • Add new mailing address
  • View and edit the Support page

View and edit the Support page. 

Note: The Support page includes the customer support links and contact information. 

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