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Jane Showalter

Google calendar appointment slots incorrect times issue

One of the departments on campus set up appointment slots in their personal calendars so that students in our domain can sign up for field placement interviews. They have created blocks of time to be booked out in 30-minute increments by students who go to a specific faculty member's link.

However, when some (only some) students view the calendar, they see the appointments at the wrong time. When they sign up for a slot, the confirmation email subject line--but not the email content itself--reflects the incorrect time.

Example: Faculty member sets up a 3:00-3:30 PM appointment slot. Student clicks on the link and sees this slot showing up for 8:00-8:30 and selects it. They receive an email with a subject line of 8:00-8:30 but the body of the email says 3:00-3:30.

We are on EST and the blocks are set up in EST. We had thought that perhaps the students had their own calendars set to an incorrect time zone, however we checked and the students' calendars were set to EST as well. 

We have not been able to figure out why this happens to some students but not others. However, it has the potential to cause chaos for us, for instance in that example, the student would assume they booked an 8PM appointment when really they should have come at 3PM.

Do you know why this is happening? Again, faculty calendars and student calendars are set to the same time zones.
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Rubén R
Rubén R
Hi Jane

I will move this thread to the Google Calendar forum, from where it could be reviewed in if necessary escalated to engineers of the product.

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Jane Showalter
Per Ruben this topic was just moved to the vanilla google calendar forum (from google apps for ed), but I do still really need help, so any assistance would be very much appreciated. Thanks again.
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Jane Showalter
Has anyone ever experienced a similar issue, or does anyone have ideas or suggestions?
Rubén R
Rubén R
Hi Jane.

If the problem only happens to a few students I suggest you 

1) to check the regional settings of their computers.
2) to add more details, i.e. as how frequently this happens, how do you publish the appointment slot calendar, among other details.
3) to warn your students about this situation
4) ask to the Google Apps for Education administrator of your school/university that report this issue to Google Apps for Work support.

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