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Which is preferred on iPhone CalDAV or Exchange?

The new iPhone 3.0 firmware will support CalDAV and Exchange sync, so does Google Calendar. Details at http://www.apple.com/iphone/softwareupdate/

Which is the preferred method?

Thank you.
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I'm wondering this too... With the 3.0 software and Google Sync, I still don't have the ability to create meetings with invitees thru the iPhone calendar app... I'm wondering if using calDAV instead will allow me to do so... anyone know?
Wondering the same thing.
I have also read reports that Google Sync is worse for the battery life than MobileMe, I wonder if there is a difference between CalDAV and Exchange Sync?
Form an ideological standpoint I prefer an open standard over a closed one by the way, so I hope CalDAV will turn out to be the better option.
I'm testing both.  So far notice that CalDAV doesn't seem to show my multiple Google calendars, however it does allow you to set/edit multiple alerts.

Curious if multiple calendars are supported.
For the secondary calendars you probably just have to use the calendar ID for the secondary calendar (this is how it works in the Calendar API) instead of your main e-mail. 
You find out the calendar ID by looking at the Calendar details, it looks something like teuappgh9sd...@group.calendar.google.com
I haven't tried it yet, I was just remarking that that's how you get the secondary calendars in the API feed. In the API atom feed I simply made the calendar public so it didn't need verification. But I haven't had a chance to try this on the iPhone out yet. I did get the public holiday secondary calendar to work on the iPhone, not using caldav but by simply subscribing to it. (Which is only one-way, but that's OK for the holiday schedule) (you can find the appropriate subscription link by googling around)
There is a thread on the Google help forum "Which is preferred to sync with the iPhone, CalDAV or Exchange?"

The consensus is that, apart from the matching colors, Exchange does a far better job since it's push (CalDAV is not at the moment) so it's quicker and saves battery life.
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