About Product Editor & Product Catalog

The Product Editor allows merchants to build a presence on mobile and the computer to showcase their products and drive consumer interactions. Consumers will see a more curated showcase of a store’s products on the Business Profile Products tab on mobile, or the Product Overview module on the computer.

Items added through the Product Editor appear in Business profiles on the computer and mobile version of Google Search.

Who it's available for

The Product Editor is for small- and medium-sized individual businesses. All categories of businesses, except for a few verticals, can use the Product Editor to showcase their products to potential customers.

If you’re a larger chain, you can provide data about the products you sell and their availability through Local Inventory Ads.

Note: The Product Editor won’t affect the use of the Popular Dishes features.

How it works

To make sure all customers using search on the computer or a mobile device see your products, add your products through the Products (Beta) tab in your Google My Business dashboard. The Product Catalog isn’t currently displayed on Google Maps.

Retail merchants can upload products to their business listing in 2 ways:

To learn more about the products you offer, consumers can click the products in your Product Catalog and “From Product Posts” carousels. Consumers can also engage with your business.

Note: If you have a menu or services list provided by a third-party, adding an item to the Product Catalog will cause the menu or services list to be deleted. You can recreate your menu or services list through the Menu or Services Editor in Google My Business. 

Add a collection

To upload a collection to your Product Editor, follow the steps below:

  1. From the desktop web dashboard, navigate to the “Products (Beta)” tab. Click + Add Products.
  2. Give the collection a name and a description (optional).
  3. Add at least one product to your collection. For each product, you need to:
    • Upload a photo
    • Name the product (optional)
    • Set a price (optional)
    • Create a description (optional)
  4. Click Add collection to save the collection.

Manage your collections

In the Product Editor tab, you can add, edit, or delete products in your Product Catalog.

  • Add: To add products to an existing collection, click Add Product within the collection. 
  • Edit: To edit existing collections and products, click them directly. 
    • You can change the order of products within the collection or the order of the collections themselves. To change the order of items, click the 3-dot icon and choose Move up, Move down, Move to top, or Move to bottom.
  • Delete: To delete a product, click the 3-dot icon next to it and choose Delete a product. To delete a collection, click the 3-dot icon next to the collection title and choose Delete collections and products
    Note: Deleting collections and products is currently irreversible.

Add featured products

In addition to showcasing products in collections, you can also highlight featured products that will display independently from the Product Catalog in the “From Product Posts” carousel. 

To add products to “From Product Posts,” simply add product posts for the products you want to feature. You may add up to 10 product posts at a time. After a week, the products will be removed from the business listing overview, but will remain in “From Product Posts” carousel. The post will still be available in the “Posts” tab. Learn more about how to create posts on Google.


How consumers view your products

When a consumer views your listing on their mobile device, they’ll see a new Products tab. From this tab, they’ll find 2 new carousels: “From Product Posts” and Product Catalog. The “From Product Posts” module will display the products that you highlighted through product posts. The Product Catalog carousel will display the product collections that you’ve added. This view allows consumers to:
  • Tap a featured product card to see the product details
  • Tap a collection to see an overview
  • Tap a product within a collection to see the product details
  • Chat or call you to find out more
  • Provide feedback about the usefulness of the product information

Keep in mind: 

  • Products submitted via Product Editor must adhere to Posts content policy
  • We do not allow content related to regulated products and services, including alcohol, tobacco products, gambling, financial services, pharmaceuticals and unapproved supplements, or health/medical devices.
  • Submitting products that violate Google's policy may result in the removal of the entire product catalog, including products that aren't in violation. 
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