What is Pointy from Google

Pointy from Google helps shoppers find the products they need in your physical store. Pointy connects to your point of sale system and automatically adds your in-store inventory to your Business Profile and to a Pointy Page for your store.

Benefits include:

  • Pointy Page: An online product catalog that shows shoppers up-to-date product info for your store along with your contact details and opening hours.
  • See What’s In Store: The products from your Pointy Page are automatically listed on your Business Profile on Google. Customers will see your products when they search for your store on Google.
  • Local inventory ads: Run image based ads for all of the products listed on your Business Profile on Google in two clicks. Set your budget and location  to attract nearby shoppers searching on Google for products you stock.
  • Local surfaces across Google: When you link Pointy and Google My Business, your items will automatically appear on local surfaces across Google. This means your in-store products can appear in unpaid (non-ad) product results across Google surfaces, including Search, Images, Shopping, Maps, and Lens. Learn more about product results on Google surfaces.
  • Retailer dashboard: Get easy-to-understand reports that include your most popular products and the searches people made to find your store.
  • In-house support team: Customer Support and Success teams are available by phone and email to help you get the most out of Pointy.

Who’s eligible

Important: To check if you’re eligible for Pointy, go to Pointy.com. Pointy is generally available for:

  • Businesses in the US, CA, UK, IE, and AU.
  • Retailers with physical stores who use wired barcode scanners or compatible point of sale systems and sell products  with manufacturer (UPC/EAN) barcodes. To check technical requirements, contact the Pointy team.

Tip: Some Pointy functionality may only be available in certain countries.

Get Pointy from Google

  1. In the “Products” tab of Google My Business, you’ll find a promo card for Pointy.
  2. Click the promo card and follow the prompts to go to Pointy.com and contact the Pointy Sales and Support team.
  3. You can also sign up here.

 Important: Your business must be verified on Google My Business to have access to the See What’s In Store module.

Pointy site manager

As part of the sign-up process, Pointy may request to be added as a site manager for your Business Profile on Google My Business. Site Manager access enables the See What's In Store experience and facilitates the link between Pointy and Google My Business. Pointy won’t make any changes to your Google My Business account.

Manage Pointy

You can manage your Pointy Page and data at Pointy.com, and not through Google My Business.

How Pointy works 

Use Pointy to automatically upload your products to your Business Profile on Google. You have 2 options to connect to Pointy:

  • Pointy box: Plugs in between your barcode scanner and point of sale system.
  • POS app: Integrates directly with your point of sale system.

Once connected, simply scan your products as normal and the product info is automatically uploaded to your Pointy Page, and to your Business Profile on Google.

Pointy and submitting products manually through Product Editor

Important: If you previously submitted products through the Product editor, they will become unavailable and will not show up on Search and Maps, once you connect to Pointy.

Pointy allows automated submission of products to Google. Merchants can also submit items manually one by one through Product Editor.

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