In order to be bulk verified, you must meet the following criteria:
-Have 10 + profiles in a single Google account, all of which are eligible to be on Google Business Profile
-Have a branded company website
-Be a single brand or chain
-Only contain profiles which have a physical location which customers can visit
-Have no currently suspended profiles. Appeal suspended profiles here

Additionally, you should have no Duplicate Profiles or open access requests

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This will be either the consumer-facing brand name or the parent company if you manage multiple brands from within the same account
If you have more than one website, please enter each link separated by a comma
Bulk Verification is available to users with 10 or more physical locations which customers can visit. If your business visits customers within a local area, please verify the profiles individually.
Which of the following best describes your business? *
Unfortunately, bulk verification isn’t available for this type of business. Please verify the profiles individually.
Google Business Profiles are not available for online-only businesses.
You are only allowed one business profile per location so this number must not be more than the number of Business Profiles you are trying to verify
If you have more than one website, please enter each link separated by a comma
Confirm you have already uploaded all of your locations into the business profile manager: *
Are any of the business profiles in your account currently suspended? *
If yes, please appeal the suspensions link before you request bulk verification
The following questions will help us understand your relationship to the business and that you are allowed to manage the business profiles on its behalf.
Does the email address you are using to upload and manage the profiles match the domain of the company website? *
Provide us with a contact at the company who can verify that you are allowed to manage the business *
This person's email address should match the domain of the website or be found on the business website
We may ask for photographs of the outside of some of your business locations displaying clear signage. We may not be able to grant your bulk verification request without these images. Please confirm that you will be able to provide photographs if requested *
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