Configure sales and payment settings (an overview)

The ability to sell books on Google Play is available to accounts based in a growing number of countries. View the list of currently eligible countries.

To sell books on Google Play, you'll need to provide sales and payment settings. On this page you'll find an overview of the typical setup used by publishers, along with more advanced options.

If you're a new partner, you may find our step-by-step checklist useful.
Payment settings for books sold on Google Play

1. Agree to the Google Editions Addendum

If you haven't already agreed to the Google Editions Addendum, you'll be given the option to do so the first time you visit the Payment Center. Click the Start selling your books on Google Play button to view the terms. If you agree, click the appropriate button.

2. Add a payment profile

In the Payment Center, add a payment profile. Enter your legal business address and complete sign-up. This step is required in order to sell books on Google Play.

If you see an error message about expired credentials, sign out of your Google Account, then sign in again.

Advanced options

  • If you wish to receive payments in multiple bank accounts, add additional payment profiles, one for each bank account.

3. Add a bank account

Provide your bank account details. You may be required to verify your bank account, a process that can take several days. You can sell books while your bank account is awaiting verification.

4. Add a sales territory

Sales territories indicate the countries where you can sell your books. Provide a comprehensive list of all countries where you want to sell books. The simplest option is to add a single sales territory for WORLD, which will allow you to sell books worldwide and receive payments into a single bank account. You'll also specify the payment profile (and thus the bank account) that should be used to collect payments for any sales in the sales territory.

If the payment profile has been recently created and doesn't display in the drop-down list when you're adding a new sales territory, try reloading the page. Your sales territory must be linked to a payment profile in order to be properly configured.

Advanced options

  • If you're subject to fixed pricing laws only in some countries, add a separate sales territory for those.
  • If you wish to receive payments in multiple bank accounts, add a separate sales territory for each bank account.

5. Provide prices for your books

Books will only be sold in countries for which you've provided a price in the local currency. (You can withhold prices to prevent sales of specific books in certain countries.) You can either directly provide the local price, or enable currency conversion and convert a price from a different currency.

Advanced options

  • Provide prices for multiple books and in multiple currencies by using a spreadsheet.

6. Enable your books for sale

If your template isn't configured to automatically set books to go live, you'll need to enable your books for sale on Google Play. While viewing a book's details, click the status button next to the Save button and select Activate and enable for Google Play or Enable for Google Play. (If one of these options isn't available, it's likely that your book is already enabled for Google Play.)

Once you've finished configuring your sales and payment settings, you may want to learn more about payments or sales reports.