Perfils de pagament (comptes bancaris)

Important: els partners de Google Play poden vendre llibres electrònics en determinats països o regions. Les funcions que es descriuen aquí no estan disponibles en tots els països o regions. La venda d'audiollibres a Play està disponible en aquests moments per a alguns partners. Actualment, Google no accepta nous partners d'audiollibres. Torna per comprovar si hi ha actualitzacions.

Payment profiles let you specify how Google should pay you for Google Play sales revenue. To change the payment settings for a sales territory, you can assign a payment profile to a sales territory. You can use the same payment profile for multiple sales territories.

To access your payment profiles, sign in to your account at Then, navigate to the Payment Center.

To learn more about requirements for payment, as well as the payment schedule and other details, go to Your earnings (getting paid).

To help protect your financial information, any changes to your payment profiles must be made within 15 minutes of signing in to your account.

If you see the error message "Your credentials have expired. Please log out and log back in again. Select here to sign out," you should sign out and sign in again, even though you may be able to access other parts of your account.

Create a payment profile
  1. Sign in to the Partner Center at
  2. Select Payment Center.
  3. In the "Payment profiles" section, select Add a payment profile.
  4. Enter a profile name.
    • We suggest that you indicate the country and currency for this payment profile in the profile name.
  5. Enter your business information. Include your business name, contact name, address, and phone number.
  6. Provide one or more Payments contacts to be notified of any errors with the bank account or other payment settings. Payment contacts receive an email to confirm their address.
  7. Select Submit.
Add a new bank account
  1. Sign in to the Partner Center at
  2. Select Payment Center.
  3. Next to the payment profile, select Edit.
  4. In the "How you get paid" box, select Add payment method.
  5. Enter your bank account information.
  6. Select Save.
Verify a bank account

We ask you to verify ownership of any bank account you add to your account, unless the bank account is in a country where Google makes deposits through wire transfer.

  1. After you add a new bank account, Google makes a small deposit within 2 business days. Your bank may take up to 3 additional days to register the transaction.
  2. Review your online bank statement or contact your bank to locate the deposit, labeled as GOOGLE DEPOSIT or something similar.
  3. Edit the payment profile with the bank account you want to verify in the Payment Center.
  4. To verify your bank account, go to the "How you get paid" box and enter the deposit amount.

If you locate the test deposit but can't confirm the amount in your account, contact us. If you fail to receive the test deposit, check the list of potential reasons.

If you sell any books before you verify your bank account, your account accrues the amount owed to you until you can receive payments.

Edit bank account information

If you want to change your bank account information, you must edit the payment profile and add a new bank account. Make sure to set it as the primary payment method. Optionally, you can remove the details for the old bank account.

You must verify the new bank account unless it's in a country where Google makes deposits through wire transfer.

Remove a bank account

Important: You can't remove the only verified bank account from your payments profile. To remove a bank account, first add and verify a new account. Set your new account as your primary account and then remove the old one.

To remove a bank account from a payment profile:

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center at
  2. Select Payment Center.
  3. Next to the payment profile with the bank account you want to remove, select Edit.
  4. Navigate to the "How you get paid" box and remove the bank account.
Multiple bank accounts

If you want payments to be made to more than one bank account, set up additional payment profiles. Only one bank account can be active for each payment profile. You can associate a different payment profile with each sales territory if you have multiple sales territories.

Consultar els pagaments, els rebuts dels pagaments i els impostos retinguts

A la secció de transaccions del perfil de pagaments, trobaràs:

  • Dates i imports dels pagaments
  • Guanys pendents de pagar
  • Rebuts dels pagaments que contenen:
    • Data del pagament.
    • Identificador de facturació, que s'anomena "Identificador del perfil de pagaments" al Centre de pagaments.
    • Forma de pagament.
    • Número del pagament.
    • Import del pagament.
  • L'import de la retenció fiscal dels EUA d'acord amb el capítol 3.
  • Ajustos.

Per comprovar la informació de pagament:

  1. Inicia la sessió al Centre per a partners.
  2. Navega fins al Centre de pagaments.
  3. Al costat del perfil de pagaments, fes clic a Edita i, a continuació, Mostra les transaccions.
  4. Per obtenir un rebut del pagament, fes clic a l'enllaç de pagament automàtic.
Consell: si ets un proveïdor de serveis, és possible que rebis pagaments de diversos editors en un mateix compte bancari. Pots comparar els números dels pagaments que figuren als rebuts dels pagaments amb les dades del teu banc.
Submit tax information

If you sell books in US dollars, you must provide tax information for each payment profile that receives revenue from transactions made in US dollars. Otherwise, payments for that profile will be held by Google. To submit tax information, edit a payment profile and go to the "Payee Profile."

Learn more about how to submit tax information.

Payment & error notifications

To be notified about any errors with bank account setup or other payments settings, provide at least one Payments contact email address:

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center at
  2. Select Payment Center.
  3. Next to the payment profile, select Edit.
  4. Select Manage settings.
  5. Scroll to "Payments contacts."
  6. Contacts must verify their email address through an email from

Contacts receive notifications from whenever an action is needed with a bank account or other payments settings. They also receive a simple notification whenever a payment is issued, usually once a month.

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