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Google Play partners can sell Ebooks in certain countries/regions. The features described here aren't available everywhere. At this time, only select partners can sell audiobooks on Play. While Google doesn’t currently accept new audiobook partners, this policy is subject to change.

Books are sold on Google Play in a growing number of countries, and we encourage you to make your titles available to as wide an audience as possible. This page explains the steps to take in order to sell your books internationally. You can even set up your account to automatically enable sales in new countries whenever Google Play launches in those places.

1. Set up sales territories

If you created your account after July 2014, you may already have a default sales territory configured for worldwide rights.

Sign in to your Google Play Books Partner Center account and go to the Payment Center to set up your sales territories.

In order to sell in any country, you must have that country listed in one of your sales territories. We recommend that you list all countries where you have the rights to sell books, even if Google Play hasn't launched there yet.

Note that for a book to become sellable in a country, it must have both an active sales territory and a local price. You'll be able to limit the countries where an individual book is sold by use of the price settings in Step 3.

Read more about sales territories.

2. Enable currency conversion (recommended)

If you created your account after July 2014, currency conversion is enabled by default.

At the bottom of the Payment Center is a section for currency conversion settings. Enable currency conversion if you don't want to manually provide prices in the local currency of each country where your books are sold. You can always override automatically converted prices when you provide the prices in the target currency via ONIX or a spreadsheet.

Read more about currency conversion.

3. Provide prices and the countries they apply to

You must recommend a local price for each book for a particular country in order for the book to be sellable there. You can provide this price manually on the "Pricing" tab for each book, via ONIX, or with a spreadsheet. Or you can use the currency conversion tool to automatically convert your prices from another currency.

If currency conversion is enabled, you'll still need to provide prices in at least one currency. You can then specify the countries where you want prices converted from the manual price.


  • In the simplest example, you could provide prices in your local currency and convert them for all countries.
    Note: If you've also configured a sales territory for WORLD, this will cause your books to be sellable in all countries where books are available on Google Play.
  • You could provide one price per region. For example, you could provide prices in USD and convert that price for other North American countries, and provide a price in GBP and convert it for the rest of Europe.
  • If you know how to set prices reasonably in the local currencies of all the countries where you have rights, you could manually provide all your prices without the use of Google's currency conversion tool.

If you're not using ONIX, the quickest way to adjust your prices so they can be converted to all other currencies is to go to your Book Catalog and download a spreadsheet of all your books. Make sure your spreadsheet includes any prices you plan to provide manually.

Each list price will have two columns, one containing the price and the other listing the countries where that price will be applied. Edit the list of countries according to our formatting guidelines.

If you don't have the rights to sell a book in a country which is listed in your sales territories, make sure you exclude that country from the list for price conversion for that book.


Scenario Sales territories Countries with prices
You have rights to sell your books in all countries WORLD WORLD
You have rights to sell some of your books in the U.S. and Canada, and some of your books in the US only CA,US For books to be sold in the US only:

For books to be sold in both countries:

4. Remove any manual prices (if currency conversion is enabled)

Prices that you've generated through Google's currency conversion tool will only apply if a manual price provided via spreadsheet, ONIX, or the Pricing tab in the Partner Center doesn't exist. If you prefer to use automatically converted prices, remove any manual prices for those countries.

You can delete manual prices in bulk when you download a spreadsheet of your books which includes the prices you'd like to remove. In the price columns, enter ** in all rows with book information. When you upload your modified spreadsheet, these prices will be deleted and Google will use your converted prices instead.

Read more about how to edit prices in spreadsheets.

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