Format a list of countries

Please follow these guidelines when you're asked to provide a list of countries in the Partner Center or in a spreadsheet:

  • For individual countries, provide the two-letter ISO code.
  • Certain regional codes are allowed (e.g., WORLD, ECZ; ECZ cannot be used for Google Search preview territories).
  • To exclude countries from a region, prefix the code for the excluded country with a minus sign (-) and list the country after the region it's excluded from. The above regional codes ( WORLD and ECZ) cannot be used as exclusions.
  • Separate each item with a comma.


CA Canada only
CA,MX,US North America (Canada, Mexico, the U.S.)
WORLD All countries
WORLD,-CA,-US All countries except Canada and the U.S.
ECZ Countries geographically within continental Europe which use the Euro as their sole currency (for use when specifying book prices and sales territories)

Sales territories and prices

  • If you have multiple sales territories, a sales territory that lists a specific country will take precedence over a sales territory that lists a region which includes that country. For example, the following sets of sales territories are equivalent in that books sold in the United Kingdom will be associated with the second sales territory.

    Example 1
    Sales territory #1: WORLD,-GB
    Sales territory #2: GB
    Example 2
    Sales territory #1: WORLD
    Sales territory #2: GB
  • When adding book prices with currency conversion enabled, converted prices will only apply to books in sales territories where you have not provided prices in the local currency.

ISO country codes

The Help Center lists ISO country codes for countries that are supported for Google Play Books.

You can also search the full list of ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes.

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