Plan travel with the Google Assistant

You can ask the Google Assistant to help with travel plans like booking a hotel, checking your flight status, and finding things to do at your destination. To get info on existing flights from your speaker, Smart Display, or Smart Clock, turn on personal results.

Tip: The languages you can use depend on the device. Learn which languages work on your device.

  1. Say "Ok Google" or tap the button to talk to the Assistant.
  2. Say a command.

Book a hotel

For now, you must use US English on a mobile device in the US to book a hotel.

  • "Book me a room at [hotel name] in [location]."
  • "Reserve a room at [hotel name] in [location] for [travel dates]."

Research flights

  • "Find me flights to Munich."
  • "Find non-stop flights to New York on [airline]."
  • "How much are flights to Singapore?"

Get info about existing flights & check in

  • "When is my upcoming flight?"
  • "Is my flight on time?"
  • "Is my flight delayed?"
  • "Check in to my flight."

Note: For now, flight check in is only available for domestic flights on United Airlines. To check in for flights, you must use a mobile device in US English, have your flight confirmation in Gmail, and use the same Google Account with Gmail and the Google Assistant.

Find things to do

  • "Things to do in London."
  • "Sightseeing in Paris."
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