Chat apps: The Essentials

This is a preview release of creating Chat apps with AppSheet. See product launch stages. Preview offerings are intended for use in test environments only. This feature is not recommended for use in production apps.

To use Chat apps with AppSheet, you need to opt in to the AppSheet preview program. The AppSheet preview program lets app creators try out new app features that are not yet fully supported.

Create and publish no-code Chat apps with AppSheet.

What is a Chat app?

Chat apps are web applications or services that run in Google Chat.

By creating a Chat app with AppSheet, you enable users to interact directly with your app in Google Chat rather than clicking out to view the AppSheet app in a separate window.

Chat app

Get started

Get started creating Chat apps with AppSheet by running through Quick start: Create your first Chat app with AppSheet.

Steps to create Chat apps with AppSheet

To create Chat apps with AppSheet, perform the following steps:

Step Description
Create an app using AppSheet

Create an app using AppSheet. For more information, see:

Configure Chat apps with AppSheet

Create and connect a Google Cloud project to your app and enable and configure the Chat API. Optionally, register and advertise slash commands (/command) that allow users to access specific features of your app. To get started, see Quick start: Create your first Chat app with AppSheet.

Note: You can configure one Chat app per Google Cloud project.

Test and publish Chat apps Test your app and then publish it to the app Marketplace.
Build automations using Chat apps

Build automations using Chat apps to do the following:

To get started, see Quick start: Send a Chat message from an automation.

Troubleshoot Chat apps Identify and resolve issues creating Chat apps with AppSheet.



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