Monitor your apps: The Essentials

Do you want to learn more about:

  • Bot execution status and performance?
  • How your app is performing overall?
  • How users are interacting with your app?
  • Recent app activity that can help you troubleshoot?

Use the AppSheet monitoring tools to better understand how your app is performing and how your users are interacting with it. You can use this information to customize your app to improve performance and better align with the needs of your users.

Monitor the following information:

Monitor Description

Use the automation monitor to:

  • High-level aggregated and daily metrics for bots, including status and average time to completion
  • Bot execution details, including bot instances, events, processes, and step details
  • Summary of all document parsing for an app
Usage statistics View usage statistics including the total number of unique users per month and per day.
App activity
(Audit History)  

Use Audit History to:

  • View recent user activity both by user and action
  • Learn about the add, edit, and delete operations performed to assist with troubleshooting
  • Enable alerts when an error is reported in the Audit History
  • Audit changes by user

App performance
(Performance Profile)

Create a performance profile to understand how to make your app more efficient.


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