Quick start: Send a Chat message from an automation

In this Quick Start, you'll send a Chat message that alerts you when inventory for an item falls below a threshold, as shown:

Simple inventory sample app inventory alert as a Chat message

To send a Chat message from an automation:

  1. First, you need to create a Chat app. Follow the steps in Quick start: Create your first Chat app with AppSheet to create a Chat app using Simple inventory sample app.
  2. If you selected manual configuration to configure you Chat app, to support asynchronous interactions with your Chat app when sending Chat messages from an automation:
    If you selected automatic configuration to configure you Chat app, you can skip this step.
    1. In the app editor, expand the Grant IAM access to run automations section on the Chat Setup page.
    2. Click Google Cloud Console > IAM & Admin > IAM to open the IAM & Admin page in the Google Cloud Console.
    3. Click Grant access.
      The Grant access panel displays.
    4. In the app editor, copy the New principal.
    5. In the console, paste it in the New principals field in the Add principals section.
    6. In the console, select Service Usage Consumer in the Role drop-down in the Assign roles section.
    7. Click Save.
  3. Return to the app editor and go to Automation > Bots.
    The bot named When stock available of an item is below threshold, send an email is selected and displayed by default. You'll modify this bot to also send a Chat message.
  4. In the process flow, click + Add a step.

    Click Add a step in the process flow
  5. Select Run a task in the drop-down.
  6. Change the Step name to Send a Chat message.
  7. Under Task Settings, select Send a chat message.
  8. Configure the Chat message as follows:
    Setting  Description
    Table name Leave set to Inventory.
    Message Content Select Select chat spaces in the drop-down.
    Space ID(s) Click Add and select the Chat space you to which you added the Chat app in Quick start: Create your first Chat app with AppSheet.
    Message Text Set to: <<_APPNAME>> ALERT - <<[Item ID].[Name]>> inventory is below threshold
    Send an app view (optional) Select Inventory_Detail.
  9.  Save the app by selecting one of the following options:
    • Save - Save the app.
    • Save & verify data - Save the app and verify that it is runnable based on external dependencies.
  10. Go to the Chat space and enter /, select /inventory-form in the list, and press Enter.
  11. Click Open in app
  12. Select Saw and set the Amount to any value, such as -83.
    You can leave the DateTime field set to the default.

    Enter inventory log
  13. Click Save.
  14. Return to the Chat space and notice that the inventory alert message is displayed with the Inventory_Detail chat card showing the details for the item.

    Simple inventory sample app inventory alert as a Chat message

Congratulations! You have successfully created your first Chat message from an automation with AppSheet! 

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