Use AppSheet for free (prototype and personal use)

AppSheet is free for prototype development and testing, and for personal use. By default, every user account is free until you purchase a subscription.  

You are encouraged to try all the features of the platform. Most app features and behavior can be tested for free until you are ready to deploy and share your app. 

A subset of features, such as sending emails or triggering bots with schedule events using AppSheet automation, are not fully supported until you purchase a subscription. That is, you can configure these features, but they won't execute as expected.

Use AppSheet for prototype development and testing

Use AppSheet for free for prototype development and testing if the following are true:

  • Your apps are for personal (non-business) use
  • You are the only app user
  • You don't need to use premium features that are not supported for a free account (such as sending emails using AppSheet automation)
  • You are testing your app with 10 or fewer users (the app creator will count towards the total number of test users)

If any of the above aren't true for your app, you need to purchase a subscription.

Configure your app for personal use

Configure your app for personal use if you want to allow access to users without requiring a license.

A maximum of three users are allowed to access your personal app. If the number of users exceeds this maximum, then access to your personal app will be blocked after three days. 

To configure your app for personal use:

  1. Open the app in the app editor.
  2. Select Settings > Information > Properties.
  3. In the App properties section and enable Personal use only?
  4. Save the app.

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