This article is about Universal Analytics. If you are using the next generation of Google Analytics, refer to the Google Analytics 4 properties section of this help center.

No data in the Analytics app

To see data in the Analytics app, be sure you're signed in to an Analytics account that has data.

The app does not let you perform any administrative tasks like creating an account, adding a property, or adding users to your Analytics account. The app only shows report data.

To see data in your own account

If you own an Analytics account that collects data for your app or website, switch to the Google account that is registered as a user on the Analytics account:

  1. In the Analytics app, on the top right, tap your account image.
  2. Sign in to a Google account that has access to your Analytics account.

To see Analytics data in another account

To see Analytics data you don't own (for example, data for your employer's website), you need to contact someone who has the Administrator role for that other Analytics account, and ask them to add the email address for your Google account as a user on that other Analytics account.

To see data in the Analytics demo account

If you are not a user on an Analytics account but you want to experiment with the Analytics app, you can use one of the two demo accounts:

Missing data when applying comparisons

Currently, when you apply a comparison to a report and there is no data for the comparison period, you won't see data in the report. This is a known issue and is under investigation.

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