[GA4] Delete / restore accounts and properties

The Trash contains accounts and properties that have been marked for deletion. You have 35 days to restore items from the Trash before they are permanently deleted.

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About the Trash

The Trash is a temporary holding area for accounts and properties before they are deleted. Accounts and properties are moved to the Trash and held for 35 days before they are permanently deleted.

The Trash shows a list of all the entities that are marked for deletion, the user who marked them for deletion, and the date that will be permanently deleted. You restore an entity by selecting it and moving it out of the Trash. You need the Editor role on the account to access the Trash.

After 35 days in the Trash, Analytics permanently deletes the entity, and records the deletion in Change History, with the user identified as Analytics System.

What gets restored

Restoring an account automatically restores the associated properties, with the exception of any properties that were individually moved to the Trash. Restoring a property automatically restores any data streams it had when you moved it to the Trash. For example, Account A contains Property P1 with Data Streams DS1 and DS2, and Property P2 with Data Streams DS3 and DS4.

  • Example 1: Account A is moved to the Trash. Restoring Account A will automatically restore P1 (along with DS1 and DS2) and P2 (along with DS3 and DS4).
  • Example 2: P1 is moved to the Trash. Later, Account A is moved to the Trash. Restoring A will automatically restore A and P2 (along with DS3 and DS4), but not P1 because it was moved to the Trash individually.

You cannot move a data stream to the Trash, you can only delete it. However, if you move a property to the Trash, the data streams in that property go to the Trash along with the property.

When you restore an account or property from the Trash, all settings and configurations (e.g., filters, user permissions, links to other Google products) are preserved.

Data is not processed while accounts and properties are in the Trash. Data processing resumes for core reports within an hour of being restored from the Trash. Realtime processing resumes within seconds.

Subproperties and roll-up properties

There are additional factors you have to take into account when you trash or restore subproperties and roll-up properties.

Learn more about trashing and restoring subproperties

Learn more about trashing and restoring roll-up properties

How to restore an account or property

You need the Editor role to restore accounts and properties. If all your Analytics accounts have been deleted, you'll need to create a new Analytics account in order to access the Trash.
  1. In Admin, under Account, click Trash.
  2. Locate the item you want to restore by looking through the table, or using the search field in the table.
  3. Select the item, and click Restore.

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