[GA4] Delete and restore subproperties

Subproperties are available only to Google Analytics 360 accounts that are linked to a Google Marketing Platform organization with an active 360 order. Only a Google Analytics 360 property can be the source property for a subproperty.

You must be an Administrator or Editor on the source property to move a subproperty to the Trash or to restore it. 

  • If you move a source property to the Trash, all of its subproperties are also moved to the Trash.
  • If you restore a source property, all of its existing subproperties are also restored.
  • You can move a subproperty to the Trash without affecting the source property or other subproperties. When you move a subproperty to the Trash on its own, it is not restored when you restore the source property.

When you move a subproperty to the Trash

  • It stops collecting events, but historical data is preserved
  • It can remain in the Trash for up to 35 days before it is permanently deleted
  • Its relationship to the source property remains intact, which allows you to restore the property (within 35 days) without having to reconfigure it.

Delete a subproperty

To delete a subproperty:

  1. In Admin, under Property, click Subproperty management.
  2. In the row for the subproperty, click More > Move to Trash.

Analytics permanently deletes the subproperty after 35 days.

Restore a subproperty

To restore a subproperty:

  1. In Admin, under Property, click Property details.
  2. Click Trash.
  3. Select the subproperty you want to restore, then click Restore.

Events from the source property will start flowing to the subproperty again. Historical data up to the time of deletion is still available.

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