[GA4] Delete and restore roll-up properties

Roll-up properties are available only to Google Analytics 360 accounts that are linked to a Google Marketing Platform organization with an active 360 order. Only Google Analytics 360 properties can be sources to a roll-up property.

To delete or restore a roll-up or any of its source properties, you must be an Administrator or Editor on the Analytics account.

Delete a roll-up or any of its source properties

When you move a roll-up property to the Trash

  • It remains in the trash for 35 days before Analytics deletes it permanently.
  • During that 35 days, the roll-up property's historical data is preserved.
  • Links to source properties are also preserved, but no data flows from the source properties to the roll-up property while it is in the trash.

When you move one of the roll-up's source properties to the Trash:

  • The connection to the roll-up property is also deleted.
  • The historical data from the source property is preserved in the roll-up property.
  1. In Admin, click Property details.
  2. Click Move to Trash Can.

Restore a roll-up property

You can restore a roll-up property during the 35 days that it remains in the Trash before Analytics deletes it permanently.

When you restore a roll-up property, new data starts flowing from any source properties that are still linked.

  1. In Admin, under Account, click Trash.
  2. Select the roll-up property, then click Restore.

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