[GA4] Campaign Manager 360 integration via Floodlight

Link Google Analytics 4 properties to Campaign Manager 360 Floodlight configurations
When you link your Google Analytics 4 property to your Campaign Manager 360 Floodlight configuration, you get the following benefits:
  • Analytics conversions are exported to linked Campaign Manager 360 Floodlight configurations. The exported conversions are available to Display & Video 360 and/or Search Ads 360 advertisers associated with the Floodlight configuration for bidding and reporting.
  • The Campaign Manager 360 advertiser associated with the Floodlight configuration appears as a traffic source in your Analytics cross-channel reports. GA4 reports only support click-through measurement for Campaign Manager 360 traffic.
  • Campaign Manager 360 campaign and cost data is imported to Analytics.
  • View your campaign cost data in the Campaign Manager 360 performance report in the Advertising section.
  • Learn how visitors acquired through campaigns engage with your website or app using the Campaign Manager 360 report in the Reports section.
  • Access Campaign Manager-specific dimensions in the Explore, Audience Builder, Segment Builder, and Custom Reports.

Conversion export

Analytics conversions exported to Campaign Manager 360 Floodlight configurations will appear as Floodlight activities and be shared to linked Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360 advertisers.

Note: It is also possible to link Display & Video 360 Floodlight configurations to Google Analytics 4 if Campaign Manager 360 is not being used.

You can apply the Google Analytics 4 cross-channel last click attribution model, or any Floodlight attribution models, to exported conversions for bid optimization and reporting.

Note: Search Ads 360 advertisers can only apply Search Ads 360 or Floodlight attribution models to GA4 conversions. Optimization and reporting based on GA4 attribution is available through the Google Analytics 4 Search Ads 360 integration.

Campaign Manager 360 data in Analytics cross-channel reports

With Campaign Manager 360 data available in Analytics, for example in the Traffic and User acquisition reports, you can see user, session, and conversion metrics in the context of traffic source dimensions like source, medium, campaign, and default channel group.

Create the link

If you have the Editor role for the Analytics property and the Admin role for the Campaign Manager 360 advertiser, you can complete the Floodlight linking process.

If you only have the Editor role for the Analytics property, then you can initiate the linking process and send a request to a user who has the Admin role for the Floodlight Configuration ID of the advertiser you want to link.

Note: You can also complete or initiate the link from Campaign Manager 360 or Display & Video 360. To do this you require an active GA4 property ID, Floodlight Configuration ID, CM360 Advertiser (only required for direct linking from Campaign Manager 360), Display & Video 360 Advertiser (only required for direct linking from Display & Video 360).

You can link a Google Analytics 4 property to up to 200 advertisers (maximum of 20 at a time).

  1. In Admin, under Product links, click Floodlight links.
  2. In the link table, click Link.
  3. If you have the Admin role for one or more Floodlight configurations, in the row for Link to a Floodlight Configurations I manage, click Choose configuration to select the advertisers you want to link your property to.

    If you don't have the Admin role for the advertiser you want, in the row for Request access to other Floodlight configurations, click Send request to identify the advertisers you want. Enter the Campaign Manager 360 Floodlight Configuration ID and the email address of an admin for each configuration you want. Find your Floodlight Configuration ID

    In most cases, your Floodlight Configuration ID is the same as your Campaign Manager 360 Advertiser ID, visible at the top of your Campaign Manager 360 account.

    Location of Advertiser ID

    However, if you're using a shared configuration, your Floodlight Configuration ID is the same as the parent advertiser's Advertiser ID, visible on the Floodlight configuration tab in your Campaign Manager 360 account. If you're sharing the configuration with a parent advertiser, Campaign Manager 360 displays the following message: "This configuration is shared with parent advertiser..."

  4. Click Confirm.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Configure the following settings:
    • Enable Personalized Advertising: On by default. This setting allows Analytics data to be used to personalize ads.
    • Enable Campaign Attribution: On by default. Turn this setting on to import Campaign Manager 360 campaign data.
    • Enable Cost Data Reporting: On by default. Turn this setting on to import Campaign Manager 360 cost data.
    • Enable auto-tagging: On by default. You can't edit this setting.

      Auto-tagging adds the dclid parameter to your landing-page URLs when users click your ads to open your site pages. The dclid parameter allows Analytics to infer traffic source information including source, medium, campaign, source platform, and more.
  7. Click Next, then review and submit your configuration settings.
  8. Check in Campaign Manager 360 to make sure the Enhanced Attribution option is enabled for your Campaign Manager 360 advertiser. Learn more. If your advertiser is using a Display & Video 360 advertiser's attribution settings you must enable the Enhanced Attribution option in Display & Video 360. Learn more.

Manage links

In the linking section of Google Analytics 4 you can also:

  • View details of completed links.
  • Edit completed links (Editor role required).
    Note: In order to edit Enable campaign/cost data reporting you must be a Campaign Manager 360 admin and this is only actionable in Campaign Manager 360.
  • Delete completed links (this can also be done in Campaign Manager 360).
  • Accept or reject inbound pending link requests (Editor role required).
  • View or withdraw outbound pending link requests.
  • View canceled links.
Note: Link requests expire after 30 days and canceled links will appear in the Canceled tab for 30 days.

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