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Find information that's relevant and useful to you based on your behavior in Google Analytics

The Home page surfaces information that's relevant to you based on your behavior in Analytics. You can use the page to monitor traffic, navigate around Analytics, and get insights about your websites and mobile apps. The Home page provides more personalized content as you continue to use Analytics.

If your property isn't receiving data yet, you'll see a banner along the top with instructions to create a data stream or set up data collection. Once your property receives data, the data appears in the Home page cards.

Access the Home page

To access the Home page, click Home in the left navigation.

A screenshot of the left navigation that highlights the Home button.


The overview card shows metrics that are relevant to you with a trendline for each metric. Analytics updates the metrics in the overview card based on your behavior in Analytics.

For example, if you regularly look at the Total revenue metric, Analytics adds a tab to the overview card with how much revenue changed in the last 7 days. You can click the tab to see a trendline (solid line) with a data point for each day in the last 7 days compared to data points for the previous 7 days (dashed line).

A screenshot of the Overview card with the Total revenue tab selected.

You can also hover over a metric to see a drop-down menu so you can change the metric. When you personalize the overview card, other people in your property won't see your changes. Whether you change the metric or date on the card, we'll restore your choices in future sessions.


The realtime card shows activity as it happens using data from the Realtime report. The card shows the number of users in the last 30 minutes (per minute) with up to 5 countries from which the activity originates. Learn more about location information

On the realtime card, you can use the drop-down menus to choose from a number of dimensions (e.g., Audience, City) or metrics (e.g., Users, New users) or let us choose a dimension and metric for you (i.e., Choose for me).

When you personalize the realtime card, other people in your property won't see your changes. Whether you change the metric, dimension, or date on the card, we'll restore your choices in future sessions.

Recently accessed

The Recently accessed section provides links to parts of your Analytics account that you accessed most recently. For example, if you recently viewed the Admin page, the Home page includes a link to the Admin page along with when you last visited the page.

A screenshot of the Recently viewed section with four bookmarks.

When you return to a report using the Recently accessed section, you'll see changes you made to the report. This allows you to return to your previous analysis quickly.

For example, you viewed the Traffic acquisition report and changed the primary dimension from the default Session default channel grouping dimension to the Session medium dimension. You also changed the order of the report from the Users metric in descending order to the Engaged sessions metric in descending order. The next day, you click the Traffic acquisition report in the Recently accessed section to open the report with those changes applied.

Suggested for you

As you begin to use Google Analytics, the section begins to include cards that you view often, even if you haven't viewed them recently. For example, Analytics displays a New users by First user medium card if you regularly view the card in the User acquisition report.

Insights & Recommendations

The Insights & Recommendations section shows you insights and recommendations.

Insights are unusual changes, emerging trends, and other insights about your site or app. For example, seeing specific anomalies can help you more quickly identify changes in data that may warrant further analysis and action. You can click Expand Expand to open an insight or View all insights to open all insights. Learn more about insights

Recommendations provide tailored suggestions to help you get the most useful and accurate data and take advantage of new, relevant features as they become available. Google surfaces recommendations by looking at your property's history, your settings, and trends across Google Analytics.

You might not see any recommendations if your property recently started running, but be sure to check back again soon. Google Analytics regularly discovers recommendations for you and launches new recommendations. Learn more about recommendations

Adjust the date range

By default, the overview card and the cards in the Because you view frequently section show data for the last 7 days. You can adjust the date range using the dropdown on the bottom left of a card. Adjusting the date range on one card doesn't change the date range on other cards on the Home page.

A screenshot of the 7 days dropdown selected with more date options available.

Provide feedback

If Analytics surfaces a card that's useful to you in the Suggested for you or Insights & recommendations section, you can indicate that it was helpful using the thumbs-up feedback button in the top right of the card.

If Analytics surfaces a card in the Suggested for you or Insights & recommendations section that isn't relevant to you, you can dismiss the card by clicking the thumbs down button. Based on your input, Google Analytics can better curate the Home page for you in the future.

When you click the thumbs-down feedback button, the card will immediately be removed from your Home page and you won't see the card again for the next 30 days. Note that the card will remain in view for the remainder of your session if you don't submit the feedback form that appears after you click the feedback button, but the card will be removed in future sessions.

You can still access all insights and recommendations from the Insights Hub, including the ones you dismissed.

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